Immunization Passport To Be Rolled Out In Quebec On 1st Sept To Check Spread Of COVID-19: Health Ministry


Quebec plans to introduce an immunization passport on the 1st of September, health ministry said Tuesday.

Health minister Christian Dube said the immunization passport will be the ticket to accessing public services, bars, training facilities and restaurants.

He noted that the application will not be used to gather personal data. He added that the passport is a mechanism they hope will help prevent hospitalizations and lockdowns witnessed last year.

The passport will be integrated into an application currently under the testing phase, Dube noted. Its paper version will become available for persons who do not own a smartphone. So far, 4.7m Quebecers have already received a Quick Response Code, the health ministry said.

Authorities said they will run pilot tests at the La Cage Brasserie Sportive, Econofitness, and a range of other business premises. The health ministry said it will post information on where the application can be found in the next few days.


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