Imminent Cold Snap Sweeps Across Australia with Rain, Winds, and Snow


From the southern regions of South Australia to the eastern extents of Queensland, Australians are being advised to brace themselves for an imminent cold snap. The country is poised to face a gamut of meteorological phenomena, including rainfall, thunderstorms, chilling temperatures, potentially harmful squall lines, strong winds, and even snowflakes, set to arrive as of Thursday.

A substantial frigid air mass, originating from the Indian Ocean, will traverse its path across the continents. It’s predicted to start engulfing Western Australia by Wednesday before stretching forth to South Australia and eventually advancing towards the eastern states, marking its presence from Thursday through Friday.

The advance weather reports suggest a diverse blend of climatic occurrences striking various segments of the country. As per the forecast, drizzles will commence across numerous regions like southern Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), and the southern part of Queensland. The precipitation is set to gradually amplify from west to east over the days leading up to Saturday.

Thunderstorms are expected to barrage parts of South Australia, NSW, Victoria, and Queensland during the course of Thursday and Friday. There’s a potential that some storms could escalate into severe ones, putting regions at risk with the probable damage from high-velocity winds and sizable hail.

A squall line developing over the western part of NSW by Thursday can significantly hike the chances of more intense windstorms and lightning strikes, as it voyages from the west towards the east. The swift winds will continue to accelerate with the passage of the front, leading to a possibility of damaging gusts, especially across elevated terrains in regions such as Tasmania, Victoria, and NSW.

The weather service further cautions that the dipping temperatures could jeopardize livestock’s well-being. Joyful news for snow enthusiasts, it forecasts the occurrence of snow in Tasmania, Victoria, and the southern part of NSW, and the white blanket could extend to central NSW by Friday or Saturday.

The minimum and maximum temperature predictions for September 7 and 8, 2023, are as follows:

Adelaide: 10-15 on Thursday, dropping to 7-14 by Friday. Melbourne: Initially 13-20, falling to 9-12 the following day. Hobart: A range of 10-20, decreasing to 8-14 on Friday. Canberra: Beginning at a margin of 1-23, then lowering to 5-12. Sydney: Starting with 10-25, and minimally decreasing to 15-22. Brisbane: The temperature will remain steady at 17-27 over both days.


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