Illinois State University Student Facing Six Month Imprisonment for Facilitating Illegal Gambling


A 25-year-old Illinois State University faces six months in prison for facilitating an illegal gambling operation in Chicago. Matthew Namoff pleaded guilty in April for his involvement in an underground gambling network.

However, Federal prosecutors John Lausch are requesting US District Judge Virginia Kendall not to take the case lightly. US attorney for Northern District of Illinois’ argues that Namoff deserves more than just face six months in prison.

“Individuals like the defendant view working for an illicit gambling enterprise as highly profitable with little risk; if caught, you keep your profits and get a slap on the wrist.”

Lausch adds that a sentence in such a case should also include a term of incarceration to send a message to individuals working as illicit gambling agents.

“A sentence to include a term of incarceration will send a powerful message to Namoff and other individuals that working as an agent for an illicit gambling enterprise is a serious offense and will not be tolerated.’

Namoff pleaded guilty to aiding DelGiudice’s illegal sports betting network by recruiting fellow students at Illinois States University. Namoff had recruited about 60 students and even a police officer in his operation.

However, an attorney representing Namoff said that his client had undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder, even when he engaged in illicit gambling activities. The defense attorney added that it was difficult for him to makes friends while in high school, and thus being able to provide sports betting was his only way of getting acquitted to peers.


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