Illegal Tuna Catch Lands Boat Owners a $6,000 Fine


Last summer, a commercial fishing boat was intercepted for illegally catching over 30,000 pounds of tuna off the coast of Vancouver Island, resulting in a hefty fine of $6,000 for the boat’s owners.

The incident involving the vessel, known as Ocean Provider, took place roughly 42 nautical miles off Barkley Sound, near Bamfield, according to Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The vessel was discovered during a routine inspection by the fisheries officers who were surprised to find an overwhelming total of 2,250 albacore tuna, weighing approximately 14,495 kilograms, on board.

Following the discovery, the vessel was promptly escorted back to port by the alert fisheries officers aboard the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Tanu.

The substantial amount of tuna, estimated at $127,824, was unlawfully harvested as the crew did not possess the required license to fish for tuna, stated Fisheries and Oceans Canada in an announcement made on a Wednesday.

Subsequently, the illegally acquired catch was seized, and the owners of the vessel were found guilty in court for fishing albacore tuna without a license over a period spanning from July 22 to August 15, 2022. The court proceedings culminated on June 28, when a provincial court judge in Port Alberni enforced the fine upon the owners and confirmed the seizure and forfeiture of the illegally caught tuna.


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