Illegal Moose Hunting Lands Ontario Men in Hefty Fines, Hunting Ban


Impending penalties cast a somber hue on last fall as three Northern Ontario men confessed to the illicit activity of hunting a moose from a boat, within grounds they were not legally authorized to hunt in.

Eric Plouffe, hailing from Red Lake, and Dylan Auger of Dryden were licensed to track and hunt a bull in Wildlife Management Unit 2. However, authorities later revealed that the duo had veered off their legal hunting confinement, venturing further to slay a moose near Alford Lake in Wildlife Management Unit 3 on the 9th of October, 2022.

“It seems the offense involved shooting the moose from a motorboat,” confirmed officials involved with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Probed and prosecuted, Plouffe admitted to the charges of hunting without the necessary credentials and illicitly discharging a firearm from a motorboat. Consequently, Plouffe was slapped with a hefty fine amounting to $5,000 and given a one-year prohibition from possessing, applying, or obtaining a hunting licence.

Auger too capitulated, owning up to the charges of hunting without a proper licence and invalidating a tag unlawfully against an animal differing from the one specified. He was penalized with a total fine of $4,000.

Robert Plouffe, belonging to Hearst, found himself implicated as the third member of this errant hunting expedition. Even he confessed to breaking the law by partaking in moose hunting without possession of a valid licence. His actions resulted in a fine levy of $2,000.

Justice of the Peace, Pat Clysdale-Cornell heard the case remotely in Kenora on 23rd August.

It was declared by the MNRF that they remain resolute in protecting the moose population of Ontario by ensuring safe and legal hunting. They encouraged residents to partake in preserving natural resources and invited them to call the MNRF’s toll-free TIPS line at 1-877-847-7667 to report any issues or provide input about unsolved cases. Additionally, anonymous tip-offs were welcomed via Crime Stoppers.


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