Idris Elba Enters Cyberpunk 2077, Advocates Gaming as Education Tool


Idris Elba, the renowned actor, steps into the digital realm in his latest role as character Solomon Reed in the new expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 titled Phantom Liberty. Elba, no novice to the world of video games, speaks of gaining a deeper appreciation for this artistic medium following his involvement in the recent project.

Elba interprets the escalating involvement of prominent movie actors in video gaming as a reflection of our era, confirming that in recent years the gaming industry has welcomed numerous A-list figures within its circles. Adding value to their voice and likeliness, these years have been characterized by celebrities such as Kit Harington, Rami Malek, and comedian Conan O’Brien enacting pivotal roles in popular video games.

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Elba delves into the more complex layers of videogame creation, highlighting the underlying aspect of collaboration required when partaking in a game’s development. He imagines a future where a confluence of film and video games could potentially give rise to a hybrid medium, establishing a seamless merge between these two worlds.

In ‘Phantom Liberty’, a continuation following the primary game, the narrative revolves around the rescue mission of the New United States president, aided by intelligence agent Solomon Reed. Elba’s character is central to the storyline, inducing him to embark on a multifaceted, challenging journey that balances acting, CGI, and voice command all at once.

Despite its challenges, Elba found the experience rewarding and fulfilling, attributing his newly formed appreciation for the art form to the immense work put into character development and the fascinating technological advancements witnessed in the gaming scene.

Speaking of his past roles in NBA 2K, Call of Duty, and his learnings from veteran motion capture specialist Andy Serkis during their work in Disney’s The Jungle Book, Elba emphasizes the unique appeal of video game acting, where he visualizes it akin to being a stringless puppet master crafting a scene otherwise invisible.

With the increasing recognition of serious humanitarian and global issues in today’s world, Elba shares his vision of using video games as educational tools that engage players in understanding stuff beyond their reach. His experiences on Cyberpunk 2077 consolidated this vision and transformed him into a stronger advocate for the video game platform to give voice to important social issues.

Despite the challenges inherent in the video game acting process, Elba considers the final product as being worth the effort. An avid gamer himself, he is eager to immerse himself in the completed version of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, promising to put his self-imposed rule of not watching his own performances aside, to fully appreciate the end result of years of commitment.

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