I woke up today and I was fifty


By Rhonda Massad

When you are a kid fifty is sooooo old.  Do you remember feeling that way.  Having to respectfully kiss the old people hello even though you really didn’t want to. 

I am that old now.  I really don’t mind.  I actually like it.  I would prefer time slow down just a little though.  It is going by really really fast and I feel like I am just getting the hang of it or maybe I realized I will never get the hang of it and now choose to flow with it?  

For the most part I love the feeling that being seasoned gives.  A little twinkle in the eye that only age can give you.   A settling of the soul. A realization that you are not perfect in any way but learn to love your imperfections.   A confidence that it is up to me to get where I want to go with a little kick of destiny worked in. Rhonda Massad Turns Fifty

The thing about growing older for me is that there is a bit more water in my wine as they say.  Oh, don’t worry,  I will never be a push over. That is simple genetics.  By no means will I let something I believe in go by without proper concern.  I am still me, just a little wiser.   Me knowing I won’t win every round but am still willing to give it all I’ve got.

Somehow I have learned to pick my battles. Life taught me that –  along with my kids.  I try pick the battles that really mean something to me and let the rest be part of my life but not banner headers.  

I take our troubled environment seriously and try my best to do what is right in hopes we can leave our grandchildren a healthy place to play. 

Uniting the community when so many factors try to drive us apart has been a persistent goal.  Ever notice established ethnic communities stand together in storm? Their union is defined by their nationality and culture.  As Canadians we are happily all mixed but we need that thread that joins us together to stand for one another.  Everyone of us needs to look out for each other.  That is how a community stays strong. That is how a community wins.  We need to stand as Canadians.  

My wish for my next fifty years is that I will see my children and grandchildren grow older, our environment kick back and our communities join hands as one. 

I love being fifty.  A fresh chance to do better.  Half a century of love and lessons in my back pack of life to carry me forward.  It feels as though the world is bright and hopeful. The sun shines that much brighter, the night stars twinkle that much stronger. 

I wish you happiness on this day that is special to me.  Join me in being thankful for all we have, for living in one of the greatest countries in the world and for all we can give to each other.  Kiss your kids, kiss your parents, love that puppy, talk to that bird, enjoy your cat.

Take a minute to wave to a neighbour as they pass by. Even if you don’t know them. I do that all the time.  Some people think I am a little woo woo but most happily smile back. 

I like that being fifty means I don’t mind either way.



Rhonda Massad Turns Fifty


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