I promise we will never separate from Canada – François Legault says


Legault visits the West Island and talks about what matters most to residents

by Rhonda Massad

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In a visit to the West Island today the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) François Legault promised if his party was elected on October 1st there would be no further discussion of separation from Canada.

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“It is time to take that conversation off the table once and for all,” said Legault in an interview with West Island Blog at the West Island Market. “Separation is not happening in this mandate or any other. No separation forever as far as we are concerned. Our first order of business is the economy and whether you are French or English, we all benefit from a vibrant economy.”

The candidate for the upcoming elections also firmly stated that the West Island would have the much needed light rail REM station in his hometown of Sainte Anne De Bellvue.

“The REM is happening on the West Island,” Legault assured. “We are also going to be looking at charging stations for electric vehicles on the West Island and across Quebec.”

Legault said that health care was also top on his list of concerns when it came to the West Island

“We will never solve the health crisis until we change the way we pay our general practitioners,” Legault explained. “We will reopen the discussion on this issue. Right now many problems that could be solved by a GP are ending up in the hospitals because it can take up to a week to see a GP. When you are sick, you don’t want to wait a week. Many issues could be solved quickly over the phone, but a GP is not currently paid if they do that.”Fraçois Legault, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News, CAQ, Coalition Avenir Quebec, Laura Azéroual

West Island is not alone in the dispute over the agglomeration system that is currently in place Legault explained.

“We need to have more leadership from the Quebec government on this front. We need to get involved to help the relationship between demerged cities and Montreal. We need to look at the facts, what are the real costs that are charged to demerged cities. It is time for the Quebec Government to get involved and stop leaving the municipalities to figure it out for themselves.”

CAQ Candidate for Robert-Baldwin, Laura Azéroual, was up for the challenge in one of the three Liberal strongholds on the West Island.

“I see this as a challenge that can be overcome,” Azéroual stated. “I would like the residents to have a choice not to vote Liberal.”

The candidates for CAQ in the Nelligan and Jacques Cartier ridings are still to be determined at press time.

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