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“My favorite articles to write are about the people I meet who are making a difference.  Who try, who get up, who take a chance,” Rhonda Massad

When I started this blog I was looking for a way to join our West Island  together as a community.  Having served as a city councillor in Beaconsfield I knew many of my constituents were not comfortable with the information they received from city hall.  Not because it was inaccurate or ill intentioned.  Just because there is simply no way a city can communicate to each and every one of its residents effectively in a personal way.

During my time on council I developed a memo contact list that explained my position on what I considered to be important issues. It made people comfortable to be kept up to date in a less formal fashion.  To know why I made the choices that I did on their behalf.  That list grew and grew.  When the curtain closed on city council life I pondered what my next contribution to the community would be. My kids were of an age that giving back made sense.  It was the right time.  I had tried volunteering in different areas but was never quite convinced my contributions were as beneficial as they could be.

I started my blog thinking I would simply explain things that were happening in my own city and continue with my memos in a different way.  My goal always to join us together as a community.  If we understand what is happening around us and understand our neighbours a little more we can offer genuine compassion and our quality of life will be better.  It made sense to me. 

West Island Blog - Rhonda Massad
Each post feels like a sweet offering to the community.

A dear friend coached me on the writing and suggested I not limit my blogging to only Beaconsfield.  I took his advice and decided to include the West Island as a whole.  I never ever expected the response. I knew what I was feeling. I knew I wanted to find a way to unite us but I never imagined that so many other people felt this as well.

The number of visitors on my blog startled me when I began writing. Much like my memo list the numbers grew and grew.  Now they simply humble me each and every day. Close to 600,000 visits to the site since late April.  So many people want to hear about their neighbours, their friends, the struggles, the wins, the ideas and the fun things to do.  I am proud to write about our community as they give back in such quantity and with so much love to those in need.  I am proud when guest bloggers join in to speak to those around us.  My favorite articles to write are about the people I meet who are making a difference.  Who try, who get up, who take a chance. 

Each blog post about you or your neighbour feels like a sweet offering to me.  I often call the kids to my lap top and say “look at this one, can you believe this magical person I just wrote about?”

I wanted to say thank you but it seems so inadequate but it is all I have.  Your support, your contributions, your words and your stories have become a part of my life in a way I never dreamed possible. I love it. 

I am grateful and humbled by your choosing to read West Island Blog.  Thank you.




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