Hyundai, Kia and Ford Among Major Brands Hit by Sweeping Canadian Product Recalls


In recent days, the Canadian government has been on high alert, issuing multiple recalls for various vehicle components and consumer products. The potential risks range from short circuit fire hazards to electric shock dangers, marking an extensive series of recalls seen in the country.

A notable recall has come from automotive giants Hyundai and Kia on several of their vehicle models. The danger caused by the malfunction has prompted the companies to encourage drivers to park away from buildings to reduce the risk of fire damage.

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Hyundai’s recall applies to an astounding 326,942 vehicles in Canada and an additional 1,642,551 vehicles in the U.S. The vehicles in question span across a range of models, including select models of the Accent, Elantra, Tucson, Santa Fe, and others produced between 2010 and 2015.

The Canadian government cited a potential defect in the brake hydraulic electronic control unit (HECU) of certain Kia SUV vehicles. This flaw could trigger a short circuit, leading to combustion, even when the vehicle is turned off and stationary. Kia plans to notify owners of affected vehicles and direct them towards a dealership for assessment, which might include the replacement of fuses in their brake system. To mitigate risks, Kia is also advising owners with a faulty HECU to park vehicles outdoors and distanced from other vehicles until repair work is rendered.

Ford vehicle owners have also been alerted to potential issues with their vehicles’ braking systems. The notice, issued by Transport Canada, warned of certain front brake hoses potentially failing, leading to a gradual brake fluid leak in some vehicles manufactured between 2013 and 2018. The defect could result in diminishing braking ability, although Hybrid engine models and vehicles covered by Ford’s warranty extension program (22NO2) are exempt from this recall. Ford will contact the owners of vehicles that could be at risk, instructing them to have their front brake hose replaced at a dealership.

RV trailers by Keystone Cougar, manufactured between 2017 and 2021, were also recalled by the federal government. The recall notice cautions owners of potentially bending or breaking frame rails, which could lead to an abrupt change in vehicle handling, raising the risk of a collision. The notice mentions that Keystone RV will contact owners by mail to arrange for additional support components installation at a dealer, such as cross braces and an outrigger.

Switching gears to consumer products, the government has recalled Emporia’s North America Smart Plugs. These devices permit consumers to monitor their home appliances’ energy use. However, these smart plugs represent a potential shock hazard, as they are not adequately grounded. Health Canada advises owners to stop using the product and contact Emporia directly for a full refund or a free replacement.

In the realm of children’s toys, STAX Insane Magnetic Building Blocks by On Trend Goods has been recalled due to ingestion risk. Health Canada’s testing has found that the small yet powerful magnets in these blocks can be easily swallowed, leading to severe and possibly life-threatening complications. Despite the severity of the potential risks, no reports of incidents or injuries have, as yet, been reported in Canada. If you have purchased this toy, it is recommended to return it to the investor.

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