Hyundai and Kia Recall Millions of Vehicles over Fire Risk in U.S. and Canada


Hyundai and Kia have announced recalls affecting an extensive array of their vehicle models due to the possibility of an issue that may ignite a fire. The recall spans both the U.S. and Canada, with a total of 326,942 vehicles denoted in Canada and a much larger amount, 1,642,551, listed in the U.S.

Notably, the recall encompasses particular models of Hyundai vehicles from between 2010 and 2015 including Tucson, Elantra, Accent, Santa Fe, among others, featuring a potential fault in their Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). The reported defect may lead to a brake fluid leakage, over time resulting in an electrical short which poses a risk of a fire, whether the car is parked or on the move. Fortunately, at this time, no injuries or fatalities linked to this issue have been reported, the company ensures.

Simultaneously, Kia has instituted a recall of a number of models from 2010 through 2017 due to a different problem. The models, which include Forte, Optima, Soul, Sportage, and Rio carry an identified fault in the brakes, suggesting a potential short circuit. As part of this recall, 276,225 vehicles in Canada are recognized as affected.

As a protective measure, both Hyundai and Kia are stressing on owners of affected models to park their vehicles outdoors, away from structures until the recall process has been accomplished. It has been stated by Hyundai that despite the recall, affected owners can continue driving their vehicles.

Furthermore, Hyundai has laid out its process of dealing with the potential danger. It calls on all owners of affected models to bring their vehicles to a dealership for a thorough examination and possible replacement of parts if deemed necessary. Hyundai reassures that it will reach out to owners of affected vehicles by mid-November.


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