Hypersphere Launches $130M Atlas Fund Using Wall Street Strategies


Hypersphere, a cryptocurrency investment firm, has announced the launch of a new fund worth $130 million in assets under management. The Atlas fund, which quietly commenced operations in January, draws inspiration from traditional Wall Street strategies to generate returns from crypto assets.

Staffed by veterans from high-frequency trading giant Millennium and hedge fund titan Bridgewater, the Atlas fund aims to offer investors unique trading strategies while maintaining low volatility. According to an announcement on Wednesday, the fund will leverage the multimanager approach popularized by Millennium and Bridgewater to achieve its investment goals.

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A key feature of the Atlas fund is its open-ended liquid structure, designed to allow investors the flexibility to enter and exit positions quickly. Jack Platts, founder of Hypersphere, described Atlas as embodying “two bets in one.” The first bet focuses on offering a diversified portfolio of trading strategies, while the second seeks to uncover compelling opportunities within the cryptocurrency markets.

Platts emphasized that the goal is to create a product that benefits from the growth of the crypto asset class while mitigating volatility through enhanced liquidity and delivering steady, stable returns.