Husband of Toronto Mother Who Died Suddenly on Run Says He Lost His ‘Everything’


The shattered husband of a young Toronto mother who suddenly passed away while running this weekend says he has lost his “everything” and his life will never be the same.

On Sunday, Jenn Gouveia collapsed and died while out for a run in High Park.

Mitch Darragh, her husband told CTV News Toronto on Thursday,

“It started as a regular Sunday.”

Darragh reveals the 38-year-old went for a run, which is something she did several times a week, before going over to a friend’s house for a barbeque.

Gouveia left and Darragh noted he became busy around the house, not registering how long his wife had been gone for.

Darragh said,

“My mom was calling me, and I finally answered her, and she told me the police were trying to get a hold of me.”

Afterwards, he got a call from Gouveia’s mother, who informed him his wife had collapsed in High Park.

“I immediately thought it was just heat exhaustion,” he reveals. “And then the police called me and told me they were trying to resuscitate her but had no luck.”

Darragh said Gouveia was declared dead in hospital and is believed to have died from cardiac arrest.

He claims his wife had no pre-existing health conditions, didn’t drink, ate well, and was generally “completely healthy.”

She leaves behind her husband and two daughters who are six and four years old.

Darragh said,

“She was our everything.”

“She was the cornerstone of our house. It all just happened so quickly.”

Darragh revealed his wife had just gotten her dream job with Lululemon and had inked a contract to be the manager at Sherway Gardens.

“That was literally her endgame, what she wanted since the beginning,” he stated. “She was at such a good point in her career.”

Darragh, who’s employed in the hospitality industry, disclosed his wife supported the family through the pandemic while he cared for the kids.

Friends of Gouveia have organized a GoFundMe page to assist in supporting Darragh and the two daughters financially.

Gouveia’s friend wrote on the GoFundMe page,

“This devastating loss has taken a severe emotional toll, but also a heavy financial one.”

“Our Jenn was the rock of her family. She ran the show with humour, wit, style, confidence, and love.”

“This financial support will help Mitch and his girls secure their stability, while they navigate this difficult time.”

Since being active a day ago, over $180,000 of the $500,000 goal has been raised.

“Our whole future plans are ruined,” Darragh said through tears.

“This is life altering.”


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