Hurricane Franklin May Veer South, Atlantic Canada Braces for Heavy Rainfall


The Canadian Hurricane Centre has issued a recent update indicating that Hurricane Franklin may not have a direct impact on land. Despite initially projecting a more disastrous trajectory, the latest computational models suggest Franklin might be moving at a slower pace and veering further south than initially anticipated.

While Hurricane Franklin may not directly impact land, it’s expected Atlantic Canada will likely endure heavy rainfall, while regions such as southern Newfoundland and the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia may expect significant surf conditions. These weather conditions are projected despite the altered path of Franklin.

Potential effects will primarily be oceanic, extending to the southern Grand Banks marine district off Newfoundland. While this district might encounter some winds from Franklin, the chances are gradually diminishing as the hurricane continues to shift southward.

Nevertheless, Atlantic Canada can anticipate more torrential rain extending from Wednesday through to Friday, independent of Hurricane Franklin’s course. The northward tracking of Hurricane Franklin will lead to substantial ocean swells that will proceed far north from the hurricane’s location itself.

These swells will generate severe surf conditions along Nova Scotia’s Atlantic coast and potentially in southern Newfoundland by Wednesday. Considering the plausibility of Hurricane Franklin escalating to a category 4 intensity, these surf conditions are growing increasingly probable.


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