Hunger Games Returns: ‘Sunrise on the Reaping’ Set to Ignite Bookshelves and Cinema Screens


The enchanting and tumultuous world of Panem, birthed from the masterfully imaginative mind of author Suzanne Collins, is soon to whirl its fans into a fresh vortex of suspense and intrigue. Drawing inspiration from the insightful 18th-century Scottish philosopher, David Hume, and the existential dilemmas of contemporary society, Collins births a new narrative titled “Sunrise on the Reaping”, injecting renewed life into her much-heralded “The Hunger Games” series.

Imprinted by the formidable publishing house Scholastic, the highly anticipated fifth installment will grace the bookshelves worldwide on March 18, 2025. The fresh narrative is set to unfurl from the fiftieth Hunger Games reaping, two dozen years prior to Collins’ inaugural 2008 Hunger Games saga and forty years post her recent contribution, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.”

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Fans are set to buckle up for a double delight as Lionsgate thrusts into motion plans of translating “Sunrise on the Reaping” onto the silver screen. With the film’s release due on November 20, 2026, the coveted director’s chair will once again embrace Francis Lawrence. No stranger to the dystopian land of Collins’ creation, Lawrence’s immersive storytelling has come to define all but the first of the previous Hunger Games cinematic adaptations.

The genre-defining series, saturated in enthralling narrative twists and unforgettable characters, has to its credit enviable global approval. Sales rocketed past the 100 million mark, interweaving the lives of readers through the thread of dozens of translated languages. Despite a brief bowing out following the 2010 conclusion with “Mockingjay,” Collins invoked a wave of excitement across the literary fraternity and fandom when she resumed her narrative crafting with “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” in 2020.

Collins chiseled her previous works from the marble of Greek mythology and ancient Roman gladiator games. However, “Sunrise on the Reaping” comes uniquely flavored with the essence of David Hume’s philosophies. As Collins insightfully remarked, Hume’s concepts of implicit submission and governance by the few over the many form the bedrock of her upcoming story.

More than just a colossal box office attraction, The Hunger Games optically narrated brilliance boasts of a stellar ensemble including Jennifer Lawrence, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Josh Hutcherson, Stanley Tucci, and Donald Sutherland. Chair of Lionsgate, Adam Fogelson, effused enthusiasm and confidence in Collins expressing gratitude for her ceaseless imagination and brilliance.

With last year’s enrapturing production of “Songbirds and Snakes” starring Tom Blyth and Rachel Zegler, fans eagerly eye the stage as the curtains prepare to rise this fall on London’s interpretation of the famed ‘Hunger Games’. A narrative masterpiece is once again inching closer to the eagerly waiting world, promising to stir the pot of thought, philosophy, and heart-racing adventure.