Every once in a while someone tells me I write with humour.  This surprises me A LOT because I don’t think of myself as a funny person.  I certainly can’t tell a joke.  My timing is horrible. Sometimes, things just happen in a funny way and I can recount that.  I guess I can tell or write a good story, but I am far from telling a funny joke.

So this happened…I bumped into an old boyfriend.  We dated over 30 years ago.  He still looks pretty good.  Me? Not so much.  It’s best to keep my thick coat on!  We got to talking about this and that.  While he was talking about this and that, my mind was drifting and remembering when.  When I was 20 something, young, dumb and stupid.  I remembered hanging out with friends in bars, talking loud over the music, dancing, and not having many concerns about the world.  At that time, I wasn’t paying serious attention to life, I was just living it.

I was simply going about my business.  Actually, I was very self-centred at the time.

I remembered when all my parts moved only when I moved. That’s not the case anymore. Now, most of my parts have a mind of their own.  We’ll get back to that later.

So we were reminiscing about the past and within 5 minutes, the conversation was over.  His last statement was, “Hey, we should catch up over a coffee.”  My polite reply was, “Ya, sure.  See ya.”  What I meant to say was, “NO! I don’t want to catch up anymore.  Those 5 minutes of chit chat were more than enough for me!”

I’m fine at keeping those great memories in the past and simply reminiscing.  I am not interested in creating new very grown-up memories.  They will never be as free and beautiful.  My theory is, keep the past in the past and always move forward.

It’s like trying to improve on a great movie.  Once you have a blockbuster movie, the original is always the best of whatever comes next.  Why improve on what “was fun”, just keep the memory of the fun and move on.

So, I thought about the coffee idea for a while.  Am I curious enough to really want to open that box again?  Sue, it’s just a coffee!  I know, but I’m not the same Sue.  I am  Seasoned-Sue now with moving parts beyond my control.

How can I explain the moving parts theory?  This is how I see myself.

Take a look at the picture at the top of this article.  This is Newton’s Cradle.  This is my current body.  You move one side and the other side moves.  Specifically the peripheral parts!  If you don’t know what Newton’s Cradle does, click on this link:

Thinking back to Youngin-Sue, Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’, did not really apply to me then.  Now, the theory applies to every angle of my body.  This is certainly, not worthy of creating new moments with an old flame.

Seasoned-Sue needs glasses of wine, not a cup of coffee to plough through this theory of motion!

My sweetheart memories are best left for my personal journals.  It’s nice to go back in time and remember these past lovelies.  It’s also wonderful to create new exciting memories.  What was good then, is then.  What is good now, is now.  What has changed is our perspective, maturity, and literally our motion.

At this point, you might never look at Newton’s Cradle the same way again.  Perhaps you might laugh the next time you see it.  If this is the first time you have witnessed this theory of motion, welcome to my reality!   Maybe some of my readers can related to this theory of motion, peripherally speaking of course!

Have a wonderful start to the New Year!  Keep it moving forward and keep “Living in the Now”.


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