Hulk Hogan Teams Up with Hard Rock for New ‘Real American Beer’ Launch


Wrestling heavyweight Hulk Hogan is ready to wield a new type of power, and it’s bottled in the form of a crisp, malty lager. Famed wrestler Hogan has teamed up with Hard Rock International, the titan of gaming and hospitality, for the distribution of a new beer. The refreshing brew aims to quench the thirst of patrons at the many resorts and cafes under Hard Rock’s expansive umbrella this summer.

Dubbed “Real American Beer,” the light lager offers a toast to Hogan’s celebrated persona while capturing the robust spirit of American brew culture. This crisp beverage is the brainchild of a Tampa-based brewery co-established by WWE Hall of Famer, Terry Bollea, better known to the world as Hulk Hogan.

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The company recently made waves on a Wednesday announcement showcasing its achievement: sealing up distribution rights in 17 states. The “Real American Beer” serves as the brewery’s flagship offering, characterized as a “premium American-style light lager.” The beer touts a modest 4.2% ABV, flashes a rich golden glow, and promises a well-balanced taste due to its blend of malty body and the right amount of hops.

True to its patriotic spirit, the beer will be rolled out across several Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos around the United States, courtesy of the newly secured distribution rights. A roster of select Hooters restaurants will also have the beer on their menu. The beer is an outgrowth of the creative partnership between the brewery and HOA Brands, the parent business to Hooters. In a salute to American service, shipments of the lager are also planned for numerous US military bases.

Hogan, a life-long advocate of patriotism, carried the banner of “Mr. America” into the wrestling ring amid the onslaught of guitars from his iconic “Real American” theme track, written and composed by Rick Derringer. Now, he aims to stir a different audience — championing unity, one beer at a time.

Hogan’s collaboration with Hard Rock comes as no surprise as their previous endeavors, including promotional appearances and game launches, have been greeted with enthusiasm by audiences. Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International, expressed his excitement regarding the partnership, calling the beer a “sensation” they look forward to serving at various nationwide venues.

From Florida to Las Vegas, and Atlantic City to Oklahoma, Hard Rock has built an imposing empire encompassing casinos and cafes. The launch of Hogan’s “Real American Beer” represents a new chapter in its diverse offerings.

Dealing a blow to the ripple effects of Bud Light’s recent boycott backlash in light of its transgender-focused advertising, the release of “Real American Beer” capitalizes on a demographic disenchanted with the so-called “woke culture”. Hogan sees his beer becoming more than just a frothy beverage; he envisions it as a unifying force and a refreshing change of pace for all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, race, or gender.

However, this isn’t Hogan’s first foray into the realm of food and beverages. Past attempts include an energy drink in 2006, a burger brand in 2007, and a pasta quick-service eatery in 1995. Despite previous ventures’ short life spans, Hogan’s perseverance is evident as he continues to explore opportunities beyond the four corners of the wrestling ring, from restaurants in Tampa to his current haunt, Hogan’s Hangout in Clearwater.