Hudson baker whips up 18th B-day cake for Kylie Jenner


By Rhonda Massad

Jessika Menard co-owner of the Cozy Café and Cakes par Haute Couture in Hudson, is accustomed to creating food art but last weekend’s birthday order took the cake.  Menard was responsible for Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday cake.  The festivities took place at the Beach Club in Pointe Calumet on August 15.

“The weather was exceptionally warm,” Menard explained in an interview, “I got the cake to the site but allowed the body guards to take care of it once we arrived.  There were thousands of people there.”

What happened next surprised Menard. The venue did not have cutlery to serve the cake.

“Kylie used two fingers for a taste test then we were stuck with a decision as to what to do,” Menard said, “we decided together to throw the cake into the crowd.  I asked Kylie if she was ok doing this with her cake and she was more concerned that I was ok doing this my art. Throwing it in the crowd was very liberating.  Kylie was a good sport, she was covered in cake and still dancing.”

The four tired golden cake was made of a collection of flavors including vanillas and buttercream icing, chocolate buttercream, vanilla with lemon custard and chocolate with white chocolate ganache.  Mascarade masks adorned comprised the topper.

“I do not really plan in advance, I started on the Friday and the design just comes.  I get inspired as I create.”


Jessica Menard, Beach Club, Kylie Jenner
Jessika Menard of Cakes par Haute Couture made the cake for Kylie Jenners 18th Birthday celebration at Beach Club



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