HPIC celebrates 25 years of medical relief to vulnerable communities abroad


by Rhonda Massad

Since 1990 Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) has delivered, via 50lbs hand-carried medical kits called a Physician Travel Pack (PTP), more than 20 million treatments to vulnerable communities across the globe.

HPIC headquartered in Dollard des Ormeaux, is a not-for-profit relief and development organization that delivers essential medicines and supplies to the world’s most vulnerable people.

According to HPIC’s year end report the PTP consists of assorted high quality, well-dated primary care medicines and medical supplies worth approximately $5,000 and donated by Canadian healthcare industry. Travel packs are given to physicians and other volunteers travelling to areas of need abroad.

Specific Mother-Child Health Kit travel packs are produced to equip frontline health workers with the basic equipment, medicines and medical supplies to care for mothers and babies during pregnancy, delivery and the period following birth.

HPIC’s contribution to the global community was acknowledged earlier this month in the House of Commons  by Member of Parliament Francis Scarpallegia where he stated “In Canada and other developed countries, we are fortunate to be able to readily access medicines, including painkillers, which we might need one day. Thanks to its extraordinary vision and its ability to form partnerships, HPIC helps alleviate the pain of a great many people in our global village.”

The organization’s mission is to increase access to medicine and improve the health of the developing world. More information about HPIC can be found at http://www.hpicanada.ca


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