Howard University Cuts All Ties with Diddy Following Assault Scandal


In an unprecedented move, the prestigious Howard University has severed all ties with Sean “Diddy” Combs: it is revoking his honorary degree and dismantling a scholarship established in his name. The dramatic decision comes in the wake of a controversial 2016 video that has recently surfaced, purportedly depicting Diddy in a violent altercation with R&B artist Cassie.

Howard University’s Board of Trustees issued a stern pronouncement regarding the incident. “The behavior of Mr. Combs, as depicted in the recently unearthed footage, clashes painfully with the ethos and principles we hold dear here at Howard University. It has regrettably rendered him unfit to retain the highest mark of our esteem,” the statement read.

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In a conclave held on Friday, the board cast unanimous votes, signaling their readiness to accept the return of the honorary degree awarded to Combs in 2014. The decision effectively nullifies all honors and privileges associated with the degree. “We have ordered his name expunged from all our records bearing the names of honorary degree recipients,” the board’s statement continued.

In a broader stroke to dissociate the University from Combs, the board has instructed school administrators to sever all financial ties with the music mogul. These measures include the return of a generous $1 million gift, the cessation of the scholarship program, and the dissolution of a 2023 alliance treaty with the Sean Combs Foundation.

Last month, under a storm of social media attention and legal scrutiny, Combs confessed to assaulting his then-girlfriend, Cassie, in a tension-soaked hotel hallway incident back in 2016. The admission followed the release of video evidence of the attack by CNN. Combs took to social media to offer a video statement filled with remorse for his deplorable actions.

“I unequivocally own up to my behavior in that viral video. I was repulsed as much by my actions then, as I am now. It’s unforgivable,” Combs stated.

Cassie, legal name Cassandra Ventura, had filed a lawsuit against Combs last year, alleging the violent encounter. Although settled, her legal action ushered in a steady stream of similar lawsuits and public claims against the beleaguered Combs.