How West Island community pools are operating this summer season


The pool community has a notable presence amongst many households in the West Island. Whether it’s attending swimming lessons or spending Sunday at the pool with the family, the West Island has formed tight knit communities around water sports and being members of their neighbouring pools.

This summer of course, we can expect pools to operate quite differently since COVID-19.

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The two pool associations in Montreal, NAA (Northshore Aquatic Association) and ALPs (Association of Lakeshore Pools) comprise of about 40 community pools in our neighbourhoods. They often have several events per year such as swim-meets, waterpolo games, synchro competitions, themed social events and so much more.

The West Island blog went to Beaurepaire Pool (ALPS) in Beaconsfield, to check out their new rules and regulations for this summer season.

This includes no moving picnic tables, no noodles, boards or pool balls, a separate entrance differing from the exit instead of all-in-one, 1 person in the bathroom at a time, and more. They’ve also had to cancel all their social and competitive events for the season.

“With ALPs not running this year, some of the competitive vibe we normally get and the excitement of the pool and the team spirit is a little bit less this season, but I think we are doing a great job with what we have anyway. There’s lots of huge smiles and people that are glad to just come and cool off” stated Andrew Zwirz, co-manager at Beaurepaire Pool.

Take a look at the video above to get the full story.

Do note that not all pools in the West Island will operate exactly the same. Public versus private pools may have slightly different measurements than one another. Call your local pool to receive exact information.