For many love birds out there, the fourteenth day of February carries special importance. It’s full of love, enjoyment, and happiness that is shared between couples of all ages. On this special day, the couples celebrate their love by engaging in fun activities like dinners, exchanging gifts, etc. However, due to the pandemic and current curfew in Montreal, the restaurants are closed, and it’s not safe to go to crowded places on Valentine’s day.

Nonetheless, you can still plan something for Valentine’s day in your own home. Therefore, in the following article, you’ll read about six helpful tips that’ll help you spruce up your home this Valentine’s day and enjoy a romantic evening with your partner.


1# Decorate your bathroom with a spa gift basket, place some fresh flowers in your vase:

Getting flowers for Valentine’s Day is a great way to make your house look much more pleasant and appealing. The placement of these flowers is important, therefore, it would be best to set them near the front door of your house,in your lounge or in your bathroom! For a dinner date such as this, you can get purple orchids, white daisies, and even pink tulips. To further spruce things up, try and decorate your bathroom with items like spa gift baskets along with a few flowers set beside (this will really impress your woman). Do this and you’ll be able to rock your date night to the fullest!

2# Freshen the air:

Bad smell can be a major turn-off for your partner and even you. It’s something that you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Therefore, before you start planning out other activities for the evening, make sure that you set up an air freshener somewhere close to where you plan to hang out. You can also light up some candles or an incense burner to turn the room into a romantic environment for you and your Valentine. Just make sure that whatever option you choose, shouldn’t have a strong scent. It’ll be best to go for something light and subtle.


3# Set up some good tunes:

To spruce things up a little more, try and get a hold of some nice and pleasant tunes. Background music is always appreciated when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Moreover, it generally helps in setting a nice ambiance. As a bonus tip, try and play your music on good speakers. The better the sound quality, the more engaging the music is.


4# Replace dull light bulbs:

Something you don’t want on Valentine’s Day is to make your partner feel uncomfortable. Dull lighting and worn out light bulbs won’t be very appealing to whoever it is that you’re trying to impress. Therefore, to make the most of your night, make sure that you invest in some good and powerful light bulbs that have good lighting. For a romantic dinner, it would be best to get incandescent light bulbs (bulbs with a yellow light). Moonlight bulbs wouldn’t be as attractive in such a setting.


5# Landscape lighting:

The exterior of your house is just as important as the interior of your house. So, to make your house look a little better and more appealing from the outside, try to set up a few landscape lights. Landscape lights work great when it comes to illuminating your garden or even your entrance. Therefore, if you and your partner decide to take a stroll in the backyard, it would be best to have little lighting in your midst.


6# Place a woolen rug in your lounge:

When It comes to keeping your lounge comfortable, a woolen rug will be your best friend. Considering that it will still be slightly cold in the month of February, a woolen rug will help in keeping your feet warm and cozy. It would be ideal to place the rug in your lounge as that’s the place where you’ll most likely be sitting.


Final words

To sum it up, Valentine’s Day can be spruced up with the help of six tips that have been mentioned above. Regardless of the current situation, Valentines Day can still be enjoyed and cherished by couples at home. It’s simply about being creative and using your own imagination to make your night more interesting.


Contributed by Online Gifts Canada.


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