How To Rejuvenate Our Hair As We Age


How To Rejuvenate Our Hair As We Age

It’s a widely known fact that our hair changes as we get older. It can become dry, brittle and at a higher risk of breaking and with our hair playing a significant part in our self-confidence, this can be upsetting. Whether you’re suffering from age-related hair loss or breakage and are looking into a hair transplant cost, or you just want to inject a bit of life into your locks, here’s how you can rejuvenate your hair as you get older.

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Fight Dryness (reduce washing)

Dryness is one of the most common problems for ageing hair. Our scalps produce oils to keep our hair looking and feeling strong, shiny and soft but over time, the production of this tends to slow. When it does, our hair can become dull and lifeless, as well as prone to breakages. For this reason, focusing your hair care routine towards fighting dryness could be all the help you need for rejuvenation. Choosing shampoos that will help replenish the natural oils or offer additional oil for protection where your scalp may be falling short, you can better nourish and cleanse each strand. In addition, you can add a strong conditioner to your routine that will bring back radiance and fullness in order to recapture volume and thickness.

Protect Weaker Hair

Hair becomes weaker with age, which is precisely why you need to start taking better care of it. A change as small as using heat protectant before blow-drying can help keep your hair looking and feeling strong, though you should consider reducing the amount you’re using heat-based tools like straighteners. On a similar strain, it’s important to invest in a decent sun protectant spray for your hair. The heat and UV rays can affect the pigmentation and quality of your hair, but a simple sun protectant can reduce frizz and improve strength.

Start With Your Scalp And Roots

If you want your entire head of hair to look good, you need to pay attention to your scalp and roots first. As mentioned before, dryness is a common issue that comes with age and this often originates from the scalp. Dandruff is common in both men and women above 40 and designated shampoos may not be doing the same job they did when you were younger. A flaky scalp could once again be down to reduced oil production, in which case hair oils can inject a bit more life into the scalp. Alternatively, you can speak to a dermatologist or your GP and get a higher strength dandruff shampoo to keep your scalp moisturised and your hair flake-free.

Take Advantage Of The Salon

A trip to the salon might be a once in a while treat when we’re younger, but as we get older, it can be the difference between strong, voluminous hair, and dull, lifeless locks. Your hairdresser will know just what suits your hair type, from the colour they use to the cut and style they offer. If you’ve built up trust with your stylist over the years, you could put the power in their hands and let them cut your hair how they believe is best for your hair. They can also suggest masks, treatments and more that will keep your hair looking youthful and full for longer.

Ageing is a part of life and our hair will never be free of the signs. From breakages to dandruff, through to dryness and frizz, adjusting your hair care routine can help rejuvenate your locks. What will you start with?