How Parents Can Help Ease Kids into College


How Parents Can Help Ease Kids into College Much Easier

Every parent wants their child to get into the college of their choice. They also want this process to be as easy and as stress free as possible for their children. Here are some simple ways that you can make sure your child is ready for their entry into the world of secondary education.

Let Them Make Their Own Volunteer Choices

While it is true that it certainly helps for students to be involved in extracurricular activities, it is also true that the more the parent tries to influence their child’s choice, the more likely it is they will rebel. Let them make their own choices in regards to volunteerism and they will be far more likely to stick with it.

Take Away Financial Stress

Face it, your credit profile is much more established than your child’s. After exhausting the options of grants, scholarships, and government-funded loans, you should look into becoming a student loan cosigner. Not only will it be easier for your child to receive financing from a private lender, but it will also have a positive effect on your child’s credit rating when the repayment process begins and regular payments are made on time.

Take a Tour

If you rely strictly on brochures and promotional videos, you are only getting one side of the story of the college. Plan a trip with your child where you can combine a mini-vacation with a tour of their university of interest. By doing this, both of you can get a real-life view of what the campus looks like and what facilities and amenities are offered so you’re better able to make an informed decision. After all, these next four years are your child’s most important to date.

The Right Fit

Keep in mind that just because a child gets accepted into a college does not mean that the two are a good match. There is more to universities than classes and grade point averages. Each school has a distinct personality and culture attached to it. This is another reason why visiting the campus before accepting the offer is so important.

Don’t Involve Them Too Early

As tempting as it may be, do not involve your child in the process when they are too young. It is best to stave off their involvement until they are in the junior year of high school. Keep your activities in the background, but stay focused on the financial aspects of school as well as savings and total cost of their education. These are things that should involve a financial advisor, not a high school student.

Let Them Reach Out

As much as you think you are doing right by your child by contacting admissions on your own, this is not impressive to the actual admissions officers. They much prefer that the student reaches out to them by themselves. This shows initiative, which is greatly valued by all universities. While the parent should stay informed, many schools actually track how many times the student contacted the college admissions office to ask questions or visited the school in person.


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