COVID has caused a dip in the housing market, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners are not investing in renovations. It seems if there is one thing Canadians have learned during the crisis, it is that spending more time inside our homes has increased our desire to make our homes a place we thoroughly enjoy.

Improving Efficiency and Reducing The Carbon Footprint of Montreal Homes

Companies like Neufenster Windows are helping solve the problem of reducing residential carbon footprints. Innovative technology like triple-pane windows can help Canadians save twenty-percent or more on the cost of heating and cooling their homes. Furthermore, new windows can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a home, improve the resell value, save money on energy costs, and make our homes more comfortable during brutal winters and muggy summers.

The climate in Canada has been driving steps toward energy efficiency for some time, but new technology and materials are making the tasks easier than ever. In the United States, it is estimated that twenty to thirty percent of a home’s heating and cooling energy is lost through windows.

Backyard and Garden Renovations

Missing vacations, many in Montreal are using the money they would have spent on this year’s vacation to turn their backyard or garden into a private oasis to enjoy being outside. Weeks of isolation make the idea of working and lounging outside appealing in the last days of summer.

Some are adding a deck or patio, then turning it into an outdoor living space. Given that fall comes early in Canada, outdoor fireplaces are a huge hit when improving the outdoor living space. Comfortable furniture and a stunning fire feature can make a back deck or patio a terrific place to escape the city, even in the middle of the city.

The kids are home more now and need a place to burn off energy outdoors. Creating outdoor recreational areas is also becoming a popular trend in Montreal. Whether it means installing play equipment for little ones, or a modest-sized tennis court for the teens and adults, people are creatively re-imagining how they can use their outdoor space to cope with being stuck at home.

Staycations were in vogue before the coronavirus pandemic, and more and more people are investing vacation money into turning their space into somewhere they want to be. Water features that range from fountains to hot tubs are another backyard favorite for relaxing.

Adding on to the Current Structure

Instead of moving to a new house, there is a trend of adding on to existing homes to get the space you need. With many Canadians working from home, carving out or building on an office space is happening in homes around the country. The cost savings over buying a new home is substantial, and when the addition is done in keeping with the style of the home, there can be a substantial increase in the value of the property.

Adding on to an existing structure is a major remodeling project, but it can be well worth the cost to have your home suit the needs of your family. Remember, there is more to consider than simply where you will stick the additional space. Homes may require additional wiring, updates to panels, heating, and cooling systems, and numerous other considerations. You will also want to take care to ensure that exterior features such as brick, siding, and windows match the look of the rest of your home.

Utilizing the Basement

With more time spent at home and an increasing number of households with one or more people working from home, homeowners are getting creative in finding new space in their existing homes. An often easy solution is the basement.

With a little work, what was once a dank and musty storage area can be converted to meet any number of needs. One of the most popular is remodeling the basement to make a home office. After all, the basement provides the quiet and space you need to spread out and videoconference into a meeting without worrying about your two-year-old streaking through an important meeting.

Other uses for basements, which Canadians have long been fans of, is turning it into an indoor play area or game room for the long winters in Canada. Excellent insulation, moisture protection, and some bright paint can turn a basement into a fun place where your children can safely play without distracting the rest of the household. As kids get older, it can become a favorite spot for teens to hang out with friends.

Whatever you decide to do for your home remodel project, make sure you get quotes from professional contractors with excellent recommendations. Even a budget-friendly remodel can add value to your home, but more importantly, increase your enjoyment of the place where we are all spending more time in these unusual days.


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