How Can I Stop My Dog from Destroying My Cat’s Toys?


Keeping your dog healthy and happy is an easy undertaking that does not require a lot of skills or training. However, things may get out of hand and your dog’s behaviour may change with time.  Destructive behaviour is quite a common problem reported by many dog owners. It is not a normal kind of behaviour and can be triggered by a dog lacking adequate time to exercise or a dog that is just bored. 

Destructive behaviour as described at is as an act that is harmful to your dog or general household. These behaviours can include: chewing, digging, howling as well as destroying objects that the dog comes across. Such behaviours can lead to a lot of loses and you might incur unnecessary costs or lead to health issues to the pet in question.

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Probably you have lately been asking yourself, how can I stop my dog from destroying my cat’s toys? Or your friend, colleague or family member has been trying to find solutions to such destructive dog behaviours. Well, there are incredible tips that can help you through and overcome this problem back at home. Have a look; 

  • Invest in a dog harness

Dog training is a major concern among many pet owners. You are required to train your dog to stop destroying toys and household items. Use of a harness is one of the key solutions to solving this destructive behaviour in dogs.  

A harness helps your dog to remain in control, and it is not easy for your dog to slip out of the harness. When out there looking for a dog harness, you need to be cautious. Go for a harness design that perfectly fits into your dog’s measurements. Also, go for a durable design that will last longer as expected.

  • Keep your dog busy

Boredom is a key factor that will push your dog to destroy your cat’s toys. You thus need to engage your dog in other playful activities such as chasing balls, walking or even playing interactive games with your dog. If your dog likes or keeps chewing toys, you can buy bones to help the dog satisfy it urge for chewing the easy way. 

  • Enrich your dog’s settings or environment

If you are going to be away from your dog and leave the dog in the presence of cat toys or similar items, you need to find the right kind of toys. To solve the destructive behaviours of your dog when it comes to dealing with toys, you need to buy strong toys. Go for toys that are daunting for the dog to chew and hard to swallow. 

You can also keep the toys away but keep in mind the dog might experience separation anxiety if you take away the toys. As a result, provide the right environment for the dog to wind up and relax even if you are not around the house. You can leave the television or radio on to keep the pet stimulated until you are back home. 

  • Frequently rotate your toys 

Don’t just have the same toys around your home. Your pet will try to shun toys that tend to have a smell and taste they don’t like. Also, get new toys frequently as your dog will easily tire of new toys. When you switch around your cat toys, your dog will get easily entertained and feel that these toys are a new treat for good behaviour. In fact, the dog will play more with the new toys than destroy them.  


To Wrap Up

It is not that hard and taxing to stop your dog from destroying your cat’s toys or any other items that the dog comes across at home. Through proper training, your dog can shun this destructive behaviour with time. All in all, if you love your pets, you need to spare time to observe their behaviours, as well as take the necessary measures to curb any destructive actions. Always ensure your dog enjoys a peaceful environment and don’t forget to reward its good behaviours.