Hotel Isolation Guests Still Waiting For Answers


Gil Steeves and husband Ian Gordon spent the entire day Wednesday waiting for a grocery delivery to be made to their room at the Hilton, Saint John.

The two checked in Tuesday night to start their mandatory isolation.

The 7-day minimum mandatory stay was not part of their program when they started plans to shift to Staten Island, NY.

They were in Maine and had been registered to cross over to NB in a day of so when it was announced that non-essential travelers had to book themselves into an isolation hotel regardless of previously arranged isolation plans.

It was a tough time for the two, who said getting hold of information regarding the changes was close to impossible, and whenever they got the information, it was contradictory.

But, they managed to collect enough to have themselves booked into the Hyatt Place, Saint John.

Because they were on international travel, they had all the required documentation needed at border crossings.

What surprised them is that no one, at the hotel or border crossing, asked to see their travel documents – that includes a confirmation they would be lodging in an approved isolation hotel.

The two are lodging in one of 128 rooms in the province that are under use by travelers.

All persons coming into N.B are required to register with health officials. Once that is done, they have to call the Red Cross to arrange their accommodation.

The cost of a hotel stay is approximately $200 each day, food included. Public Health and the Red Cross are coordinating the tests, with more information on this exercise available on the government website.


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