Hoskinson’s Pet Pig Ignites Million Dollar Memecoin Mania in 12 Hours


In a world where the unpredictable has become the norm, the unanticipated creation of a memecoin named NIKE, inspired by none other than Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson’s pet pig, has caused quite a stir in the community. The quirky coin has quickly seized the collective interest, boasting a market capitalization eruption near the $1 million mark within a mere 12-hour time frame from the moment of Hoskinson’s social media revelation. This rapid occurrence underlines the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market and its often surprising dynamics.

This curious tale found its origin in a seemingly innocent tweet by Hoskinson, where he introduced his pet pig, Nike, to his followers. The post quickly lit the imagination of the Cardano community aflame, spurring the birth of the new memecoin carrying the same moniker. As per the market’s reception, it soon became clear that this was no ordinary memecoin.

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NIKE’s introduction to the world heralded an extraordinary surge in valuation within hours. Market analytics from TapTools disclosed a swift escalation in the token’s price and a snapshot of the trading scene indicated frenzied activity. To further paint the picture, the token’s price experienced an unheard-of increase of 60,200%, when it hit a peak of $0.00089.

The launch of NIKE resulted in an electrifying market response as the token quickly ascended the ranks becoming one of the most actively traded within the Cardano ecosystem. The latest figures from taptools.io showed NIKE’s 24-hour trading volume hovering around $616,000 with 2,304 purchases, and 1,432 sales. The robust yet balanced trading activity placed the buy volume at $316,955 and sell volume slightly lower, around $284,505.

The liquidity numbers surrounding the token were also striking, keeping a pool of $47,900. The single most significant NIKE token holder possessed an impressive 19.37% of the total supply. This concentration of tokens presented a potential risk for price manipulation or future sell-offs. This token holder was trailed by others who had smaller shares of the total supply – 5.58%, 3.35%, and 2.93% respectively. Currently, there were 668 holders for NIKE in the market.

The dramatic rise of NIKE has drawn a plethora of reactions from the crypto scene. Some enthusiasts are excited by the playful engagement and profit potential it offers. However, others voiced worries about the speculative nature of these developments.

Notably, one user noted that “It’s everything that’s wrong with Crypto, and why people feel uncomfortable investing in it.” Meanwhile, another user inquired about the pets Hoskinson has in jest, suggesting that they could potentiate the creation of future memecoins if answered.

The bewildered founder expressed his astonishment stating, “I’m at a loss that a picture of my pig has led to a near-million-dollar memecoin within 12 hours.”

As NIKE continues to attract attention and trading activity, it may provide competition to SNEK, the previously reigning memecoin within the Cardano ecosystem sporting a $74 million market cap. Even though SNEK is still comparatively far ahead in the total valuation arena, NIKE’s surprising rise illustrates the vibrant and continually changing sphere of memecoins within the crypto market.

In other updates, at the time of the release of this story, ADA, the native Cardano token, was trading at $0.373.