Horses Trigger Major Collision on Ontario Highway, One Critical


In the deep hours of the night, an unfortunate incident unfolded on Highway 417 in Ontario province, resulting in devastating life-threatening injuries for one driver. The unfortunate episode occurred at approximately 1 a.m. on Monday, along the westbound lanes sandwiched between Anderson Road and Hunt Club Road.

In a surprising turn of events, the nocturnal calamity appeared to have been triggered by horses that had somehow found their way onto the bustling highway. It was reported that multiple vehicles had collided with the displaced animals, with one of these collisions culminating in a tragic, critical injury for the driver.

At this time, the details surrounding the how and why of the horses’ unexpected presence on the highway remain shrouded in mystery. The ownership of these equines is uncertain, and their condition following these unfortunate collisions is yet to be ascertained.

Authorities with the Ontario Provincial Police are currently on the case, diving into the investigation steadily. Following a temporary shutdown for several long hours, the section of the highway where the incident transpired has been cleared and reopened to normal traffic.

This incident presents a disturbing echo of a past event two days prior in the same locale, wherein a damaging hit-and-run accident also took place. An autovehicle struck and marred a roadside fence before its driver hastily absconded from the scene, an instance that remains an open investigation.

In the interest of public safety and resolution, the law enforcement officials implore the community for any leads that could facilitate the investigations. Individuals who were in possession of a dash cam, particularly during the time of the Saturday morning incident, or those who have any pertinent information, are urged to forward their evidence by reaching out to the Police at their designated contact number.

In situations where individuals prefer to maintain their anonymity, they can relay what they know in strictest confidence via a call to Crime Stoppers at their dedicated hotline.


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