Horrifying Child Death Prompts International Murder Investigation


In the tranquil town of Woking, a horrifying discovery unfolded on the 10th of August, the lifeless body of ten-year-old Sara Sharif was found within the confines of her own home. Stricken with grief and dismay, the child’s mother and grandmother were unable to recognize her in the mortuary, for the gruesome injuries Sara had sustained seemed to wash away the lingering remnants of her youthful innocence.

Her mother, Olga Sharif, said her daughter’s injuries were profoundly disturbing. One cheek appeared swollen with bruises marring the other side. Olga mournfully recalls a haunting vision of her child that transcends closed eyes.

The investigators on Sara’s case have summed up their interest in conversing with three family members as part of their ongoing murder investigation. Sara resided in a Surrey property, cohabiting with her father, her father’s partner, her uncle, and her five siblings. However, in a curious turn of events, her father Urfan Sharif, his partner Beinash Batool, along with the rest of the family members boarded a flight to Islamabad just a day before the sinister discovery.

The investigators in Surrey handed over the responsibility of locating them to the competent authorities in Pakistan. According to Surrey Police, Sara bore the brunt of multiple and extensive injuries, suggesting a sustained period of abuse.

In a conversation with a Polish television programme, Olga Sharif, originally from Poland, illuminated previously shrouded details of her family dynamics. Following a separation from Urfan Sharif in 2015, their children initially lived with their mother before being legally obligated to live with their father by a family court in 2019. Despite this, Olga retained equal rights over the children.

She confessed that her interactions with her two children took a bitter turn for the worse. The children’s stepmother distanced Olga, claiming that the children harbored an aversion towards her, which diverged significantly from their previous cheerful interactions. The exact timeframe or circumstances surrounding this transformation remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Focused on the safety of her remaining son, Olga has expressed her desire to regain custody. Her sentiments are echoed by Sylwia Kurz, Sara’s grandmother, who emphasizes that her grandson, being a 13-year-old, might be privy to the reasons behind Sara’s absence from the family’s flight to Islamabad.

Olga seared her estranged husband’s image further by indicting him for mistreatment during their marital years, although Urfan Sharif is yet to provide his counter-narrative. As the investigation continues, the echoes of this interview reverberate in Poland, shedding light on this tragic tale through the TVN programme “Uwaga!”.


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