Hope Rises in Victoria: Youth Supportive Housing Facility to Open Doors Soon


At long last, a beacon of hope emerges in the city of Victoria as a supportive housing facility opens its arms to young adults. Known for its prominent location at 1075 Meares Street, the building overcame previous impediments of contract negotiations to welcome its tenants, all set for an October 24 inauguration.

Managed by BC Housing, in partnership with Beacon Community Services, this six-storey facility is a unique creation in the Harris Green neighbourhood. Boasting 48 ingeniously designed supportive housing units, it offers solace and stability for individuals grappling with or shielding against the threat of homelessness, aged between 19 and 27.

Given the resolved contractual obstacles, Victoria’s councillor, Stephen Hammond, remains optimistic regarding the project’s fruition. The councillor’s assurance stems from the certainty that they’ve designed a comprehensive contract that ensures the wellbeing of the tenants while allaying potential external concerns.

Moreover, this yielding culmination signifies the ceasing operations of ‘Tiny Town’, an impermanent shelter erected utilizing shipping containers, located proximally to Royal Athletic Park. The setup, a response to the pandemic crisis, had been instrumental in providing support to the unhoused.

The transition from ‘Tiny Town’ is anticipated to be a smooth process with nearly a dozen individuals expected to transfer their residence to the new Meares Street housing facility. The supportive housing, as per BC Housing, manifests as self-contained studio homes with a multitude of on-site provisions. These amenities, tailoring stability in housing, navigating community resources, and strengthening resilience against homelessness, are envisioned to leave a catalytic impact on the consumer’s life.

With an open house scheduled for October 20, partners and stakeholders may imbibe a preview of the housing institution. The nearby residents are also invited for a subsequent tour of the property on October 23, ensuring complete transparency and fostering community spirit.


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