Homophobic Chants Sour PSG’s Sweeping Victory, Sparks Outcry for Heavy Sanctions


The dark shadow of homophobic hate speech once again descended upon French soccer as Paris Saint-Germain’s loyal fans indulged in despicable chants against their Marseille rivals during the highly anticipated game at the Parc des Princes. Despite a sweeping victory of 4-0 for the home side, the triumph was swiftly eclipsed by the bitter wake of hatred and prejudice emanating from the stands.

Olivier Klein, the trusted incumbent tasked with the fight against the gnarled trifecta of racism, anti-Semitism, and anti-LGBTQ+ hatred, felt the disgracing tremor of event. He gave voice to his shock on social media, sharing the troubling video clipping that starkly captured the gravity of the homophobic chants. Klein has pledged to appeal to both PSG and the French league authorities for disciplined sanctions, and stands unyielding in his resolution to explore starting judicial action.

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Among the sea of supporters, the contagion touched some PSG players as well. Captured in another instance on video is the shocking revelation of players using unsavory language against Marseille backers during their time of jubilation with young fans.

Amelie Oudea-Castera, French sports minister, matched Klein in his disdain for the incident. She galvanized the disciplinary committee of the French federation to delve into the incident further, ardently persuading PSG to file a legal complaint – an effort to serve justice and decisively remove the guilty parties from the soccer arenas.

Her statement rings clear, “The echoes of such hateful and homophobic chants must not fall on deaf ears. Regardless of the passionate rivalry and high stakes game, these expressions of hatred must be relentlessly battled by fans, competition parties, authorities, and public officials alike. The ugly chants at the Parc de Princes spoiled the jovial atmosphere and need to be eliminated from our arenas with an urgent sense of immediacy.”

In the past, French clubs have been held accountable via fines and stand closures prompted by the disciplinary commission for similar disgraceful incidents. The French law does not take anti-gay public insult lightly, with the potential penalty being up to one year in jail and a significant fine of 45,000 euros (approximately $47,600).

In response to the public outcry, PSG has released a statement condemning all discrimination manifestations. The message states, “PSG intents to strengthen preventive measures in the fight against homophobia”. The reigning league champions have pledged a forthcoming meeting with all partners to direct attention towards this issue.

Although a bitter reality, homophobic chants are a recurring issue in French league matches, tolerated too often by officials and challenged by authorities with appropriate counter measures. The French league launched an action plan four years ago to report sexist, homophobic, or racist incidents witnessed during the PSG and Marseille game—a plan that seems not to have halted this abuse.

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