Homicide Suspect Escapes Custody, DC Police Launch Manhunt


The quest is afoot within the ranks of the DC Metropolitan Police Department who is ardently searching for an audacious homicide suspect who daringly absconded custody at a university hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

Making his daring getaway from George Washington University Hospital, tucked within the hearty bounds of Washington, DC’s Foggy Bottom neighborhood, the wanted man is identified as 30-year-old Christopher Haynes. The handcuffs, eerie reminders of his recent incarceration, swung from his right wrist – silent bells underscoring the urgency of his recapture. Haynes is described as a Black man with distinguishing shoulder-length dreadlocks.

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Investigating a grievous crime of homicide, the diligent department revealed that Haynes had been charged. His continued evasion puts a dampener on the investigation, stirring more uncertainty. Authorities believe Haynes might have discarded his jail-issued ensemble; a black T-shirt and grey shorts underneath a demure white bodysuit is reported as his current attire of choice. His stark Washington “W” tattoo on the front of his neck further burnishes his noticeably distinctive appearance.

As the prolific search continues, a pulsating echo of caution fills the air. A government emergency alert depicting Haynes as potentially armed and dangerous sniper rifled through the capital, grinding daily life to a momentary halt.

In an inspired move of inter-agency cooperation, both the uniformed division of the US Secret Service and the US Park Police, a federal agency, have thrown their hats in the ring to assist the DC police with their search.

A smattering of temporary, precautionary road closures have been enacted around the iconic White House, as police scour the vicinity for the elusive suspect. George Washington University swiftly responded by issuing an order for its city campus to “shelter in place”, a move it explained on its website in the wake of Hanes’ escape.

While it’s business-as-usual at George Washington University Hospital, they stand vigilant, with no reports of anyone in the GWU community coming to harm. Though the suspect remains at large, he is not believed to be in the vicinity. As such, the university is resolved to resume in-person classes and events with the dawn of Thursday. The hospital’s spokesperson has reassured that the hospital remains “fully operational,” coordinating with local authorities in the unfolding saga of a hunt for a fugitive.