Homeless Man Gnaws Off Victim’s Eye in Horrific Las Vegas Attack


In a shocking incident that occurred on a tranquil Sunday morning near the Las Vegas Strip, a homeless man, now identified as Colin Czech, aged 31, unleashed an unparalleled wave of brutality on another man. Staggeringly, he gnawed off the man’s eyeball and ear, leaving his victim in a critical condition that ultimately culminated in his death. Shortly afterwards, lined with the raw evidence of his heinous crime, Czech found himself apprehended and charged with open murder by the Las Vegas police.

The bone-chilling savagery unfolded at a nondescript bus stop, tucked near the constantly humming junction of South Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard. Kenneth Brown became the unsolicited target of Czech’s unprecedented fury, as reported by Las Vegas various local news agencies.

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Brown was found with a gaping wound blooming on his head, his features grotesquely disfigured with an eye and an ear eerily absent. The first responders, attempting to stabilize Brown, rushed him to a local hospital where, unfortunately, he was declared dead.

Brown’s age and address still raise questions. The Clark County Coroner’s office will likely conduct an autopsy to set the record straight both on the victim’s identity and the precise cause of death.

The shocking altercation began when Czech launched himself at Brown, as per his own admission to the law enforcement personnel. A bystander, forced into the role of a witness, later recounted Czech consuming the victim’s face in a stomach-churning narrative.

Upon arrival, the responding Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers found Czech kneeling adjacent to the mutilated body, bits of “biological matter” shockingly entangled in his hair, smeared around his mouth and staining his clothing, as reported to court.

During the subsequent police questioning, Czech initially claimed self-defense, alleging that Brown had attacked him first. The circumstances leading to this horrifying dispute remain shrouded in uncertainty.

Police reports revealed that during the interrogation, Czech wavered in and out of consciousness, citing sleep deprivation for five consecutive days. He further alleged a mysterious force “possessing him.”

Later, in a chilling confession, Czech admitted to utilizing his teeth as weapons to devour Brown’s sensory organs. After the gruesome attack, an immediate response from numerous personnel from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was witnessed near Las Vegas Arts District.

Monday afternoon ushered in further developments, as Justice of the Peace Rebecca Saxe mandated Czech to be held without bail, recognizing probable cause for his arrest. However, Czech was absent from the proceeding due to health issues that necessitated his hospitalization locally. Once his medical condition permits, Czech is slated to be taken into custody at Clark County Detention Center, with his next appearance in the Justice Court scheduled for Wednesday.