Hollywood Stars Revitalize Historic Welsh Soccer Club with Ambitious Vision


In the quaint town of Wrexham in Wales, a rejuvenation is taking place under the vigilant stewardship of an unlikely pair: Hollywood luminaries Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. The pair, who seized the reins of the historic but previously beleaguered soccer club with a whopping $2.5 million takeover in 2021, have not only catalyzed a radical transformation of the team’s fortune, but are anticipating an ambitious future, one where Wrexham’s Racecourse Ground stadium swells with the euphoria of 55,000 ardent fans.

The significant changes to Wrexham – birthplace of traditional soccer competition yet unfortunate casualty to financial turmoil – have been intricately chronicled in a highly-viewed documentary series named “Welcome to Wrexham.” Streamed worldwide, it provides fans a peek into the intriguing journey of the club, and the grand vision held by its new, unorthodox custodians.

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The Tinseltown duo’s magic touch has resulted in consecutive promotions, carving their path to the third tier of English soccer in the forthcoming season. Currently, the Racecourse Ground can accommodate merely 12,600 spectators, a modest number in comparison to the pair’s grand design. Plans are afoot to construct a stand with an additional capacity of 5,500, but the ultimate objective is loftier: to erect one of English soccer’s most capacious grounds.

Envisioning a community united around the beloved game, McElhenney confidently relayed to the entertainment site Collider, “We have a plan in place, one that will advance systematically from one stand to the next, eventually embracing all four corners of the ground. Though we can’t state it with absolute certainty, it’s possible we may accommodate between 45,000 and 55,000 spectators.” Echoing his partner’s sentiments, Reynolds chimed in, “Imagine it – the whole town coming out in unison for the games.”

In comparison, the colossal Old Trafford, home turf of Manchester United and the largest club stadium in the English league, boasts a seating capacity of nearly 74,310.

However, Reynolds and McElhenney’s progressive blueprint for the Racecourse has been stymied by bureaucratic red tape and construction delays. Their hope was to christen the new stand by the inception of the 2024-25 season, but to combat the postponements, they’ve had to opt for a temporary stand erected in the previous season. Commenting on the hurdles faced, McElhenney ruefully stated, “Building in the U.K. has proven to be more complicated than nearly anywhere else in the world.” Nonetheless, the duo remains undeterred, painstakingly navigating the obstacles in pursuit of their shared dream.