Holly Lasante Gears Up to Defend World Powerlifting Title in Mongolia


Holly Lasante, the revered powerlifter from Sault Ste. Marie, is inching closer to her journey to the other side of the globe. Tasked with the mission to defend her world powerlifting title, Lasante is a mere month away from embarking on this extraordinary adventure.

A proud possessor of a gold medal from the 2022 World Masters Powerlifting Championships held by the illustrious International Powerlifting Federation, Lasante exudes confidence as she looks forward to defending her global title. “Last year, I had the honor of bagging gold at the World Championships. I am eager to tackle the challenge presented to me in Mongolia, this year,” she proudly stated.

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Lasante possesses not only formidable strength but also the courage and grit of a devoted mother of three. Scheduled to be vying for glory at the International Powerlifting Federation’s World Masters Powerlifting Championships on October 9, this powerlifting crusade will be her fifth representation of Team Canada.

Her enthusiasm is palpable as she gleefully shared, “I find myself on the edge of anticipation, unable to stop myself from daydreaming about joining my fellow contestants. Powerlifting may seem like an individual sport to many, but it goes beyond that. The mutual support and cheers that come from your own team members are the loudest and most heartening. Such camaraderie fuels success.”

Lasante is not a stranger to venturing far and wide for competitions, having previously competed in Belarus and Sweden. However, the trip to Mongolia marks her furthest journey to date, entailing a whopping 33 hours of air travel. To mitigate some of the costs related to the trip, Lasante has setup a GoFundMe campaign.

A struggle with depression and anxiety led Lasante to pick up powerlifting, and she discovered that pulling herself up from the depths of despair was not only therapeutic, it also led to her imminent success. Furthermore, she found that personal training also gives her joy as she can help others achieve their fitness dreams. “Witnessing people realize their targets is truly magical. Successes in this field bolster their confidence, which eventually seeps into every aspect of their lives, from personal relationships to professional endeavors,” affirmed Lasante.

Her feats are recognized in the under 63kg division for women aged between 50-59, where winners are judged based on their three main compound lifts. Presently, Lasante acheives 160-165 pounds in benchpress, recently hit a personal record of 325 pounds in squats, and accomplishes around 375 pounds in a deadlift.

Finally, Lasante also divulged plans to share links to her event via social media platforms, intending to allow her well-wishers back home to follow her journey as she competes for yet another gold, and potentially, a new world record.

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