Five tips to help you prepare for the holidays


The holidays are upon us!  It’s a special time of year that can be notoriously chaotic.  Follow these tips from ANŌVA Organizing Services to help make your holidays picture perfect!

1. Dig deep in your garage or storage room. 

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Save money by reorganizing your storage area!  You will find supplies that are essential during the holidays, such as wrapping paper, sANOVAerving platters and other hidden surprises.

2. The perfect recipe? Planning ahead of time.

Executing the perfect holiday feast is a tall order. Make it easier on yourself by planning your menu in advance.  Buy yourself an empty cookbook and write down all your holiday recipes to stay organized.  As a bonus, your new recipe book can be a sentimental gift for someone special.

3. Make a list and check it twice.

How to make gift shopping painless?  Create a list in advance.  Follow these 5 steps to save time and have peace of mind;

  1. Write down the names of all the gift recipients.
  2. Next to each name, scribble as many gift ideas as possible.
  3. Sleep on it.
  4. Review and finalize.
  5. Organize your list by store.       

4. Have a deadline and stick to it!

Creating and respecting deadlines is fundamental in keeping yourself organized.  Here are some examples of deadlines you should establish;

  • Create a Holiday Menu
  • Create a Gift List
  • Purchase Cooking Ingredients
  • Purchase Gifts
  • Prepare Outfits

And the list goes on!

5. Get the family involved – and make it fun!

The whole family should be involved with the holiday preparations.  Delegate and create a list for each family member with designated tasks and deadlines.  Have fun by making it a family activity, such as ‘wrapping night’ or ‘baking day’.  After all, even Santa needs little helpers!

Happy Holidays and Keep Organized!


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