Hockey Star Tyler Myers Reveals Escape from Kelowna Wildfire Inferno


Among the multitude who found themselves in the path of the wildfires that ravaged the Kelowna area in August was none other than Canuck Tyler Myers. The formidable defenceman shared his family’s harrowing experience of escaping the fiery onslaught with media members post a recent team skate.

On the fateful night that the inferno struck, Myers bore witness to its progression from his home. He admitted, “We had a view of it the night it hit. My understanding of its velocity was vastly inadequate compared to the alarming reality.”

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Fondly recalling the frantic moments following the announcement of an evacuation order, Myers painted a picture of a family in disarray. He vividly remembered the urgency — “Just go, grab the kids, get out of there.” The Myers’ family found themselves huddled together in a single room, an illustration of unity in chaos.

As a long-time resident, Myers had previously observed minor wildfires scattering the landscape, but he emphasized the McDougall Creek fire was unlike any other — a blaze of an entirely different magnitude.

Today, he derives comfort from the fact that his home survived the devastating wildfire, enabling his family to reclaim residence. However, upon return, the Myers found their safe haven transformed into an unpleasant sight – a blanket of debris and ash enveloped their surroundings, a haunting reminder of the near-tragic night.

“It was an unsettling scene for sure,” Myers conceded, speaking collectively about his city’s experience post the conflagration.

The wildfires marred and damaged nearly 200 properties, while the current state of affairs holds approximately 405 buildings under an evacuation edict within the Central Okanagan Regional District. A staggering number of more than 12,000 continue to live under a constant state of vigilance.

Lamenting the plight of those truly affected by the calamity, Myers voiced empathy. He said, “The sight of people losing homes distresses your soul. But amidst this despair, the community banding together to support one another lifted our spirits. It was heartwarming to see, and I hope the affected areas can recuperate at the earliest.”

Recognizing the ongoing struggle, he attributed the steadfast resilience of the people to the firefighters’ indefatigable efforts and the emergency responders’ relentless service. “They are the real heroes, tirelessly working across the clock to restore normalcy,” he asserted, acknowledging their critical role in the fight against the wildfires.