Hit-and-Run Victim Fights for Life: Family Seeks Help in Catching Culprit


In the early evening of an ominous late summer day, on August 31, young Alexandra Bonilla was leisurely uttering words of assurance to her waiting father; she was longboarding her way home through Edmonton streets. However, unbeknownst to her, destiny had written a different script revealing an abrupt, life-altering tragedy. As she glided along close to 96 Street and 115 Avenue, a car swerved into her and sped off, leaving her gravely injured on site.

Her sister-in-law, Julia Gevenich, recounts the chilling sequence of events, while struggling to suppress her emotional turbulence. Alexandra had just hung up the phone after assuring her father that she was making her way home. Her father, gripped by an inexplicable sixth sense, had responded with a text saying, “Message me when you get home, so I know you made it home safe.” Unbeknownst to him, this reassurance would never come.

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Bonilla was found the next day, her body a cruel testament to the hit-and-run incident. The grisly inventory of injuries sent a cold shudder up the spine of the family: almost all her ribs were shattered, her pelvis and a femur snapped, collarbone fractured, back vertebrae impaired, both lungs punctured, and substantial internal bleeding in her chest.

As they stood in the sterile hospital, looking at Alexandra lying unconscious, teetering on the edge of life and death, Gevenich shares that they had feared the worst: brain death.

Revisiting the scene where the tragedy unfolded, Gevenich shared the dismaying and infuriating insight that the accused driver, after hitting Alexandra, had reversed his car around her in order to speed off. This inhuman insensitivity was further confirmed by neighborhood witnesses who reported seeing the driver pull over and inspect his car for damage before choosing to abandon the scene.

Today, Alexandra remains in the ICU at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, having undergone multiple surgeries with the probability of spending Christmas within the sterile confines of the medical facility. The question looms: whether she’ll ever return to her normal life, quite uncertain, with a long period of disability and rehabilitation awaiting her if she does survive.

In an attempt to alleviate Barrilla’s spiraling hospital bills and to provide continual care for her pets, the family has set up a GoFundMe. At the same time, they are fervently seeking assistance to identify and locate a silver car, possibly with a damaged radiator, driven by the culprit who put Alexandra’s life in jeopardy.

The family and the Edmonton Police Service request any potential witnesses, those with dash cam or security footage between 9 PM and 9:15 PM on August 31, or auto body shops encountering such a damaged vehicle, to come forward and aid in tracing this driver. In this egregious face of injustice and ruthless indecency, the violator must be brought to light, as a family clings to desperate hope for any form of closure.