Historic Win: 60-Year Old Alejandra Rodríguez Breaks Age Stereotypes in Miss Universe Argentina Pageant


In the capital of Argentina, the twinkling lights and rapid camera flashes of the annual Miss Universe Argentina pageant gave way to a significant moment that may very well have shattered age stereotypes that persist in our society. A woman of splendid age, Alejandra Marisa Rodríguez strode onto the stage amidst the spill of sequins and the chorus of adoring fans on their smartphones, on the precipice of etching her name in history as the oldest competitor ever in the Miss Universe contest.

Rodríguez, a 60-year-old hospital legal advisor with an aura of radiant youth, celebrated her brave venture into pageantry, a realm traditionally dominated by a younger crowd. As the confetti fell and the crowd roared, Rodríguez did not wear the crown of Miss Argentina on her graceful head, but she had achieved a monumental win in her own right. Amongst the glittering evening gowns and scant swimsuits, she emerged with the proud title of “best face.”

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Last month, Rodríguez felt the first taste of victory in the Miss Buenos Aires competition, a win that captivated global media attention and elevated her from a quiet lawyer to a celebrity, offering beauty tips and age defying secrets. Her winning smile reaffirmed the adage, redefining its meaning in the process, that age truly is just a number.

“I feel a new door has opened, not only for me but also for those who may not have had it easy,” Rodríguez said, still adorned in her bold red dress that showcased her vivacious spirit and with excitement ringing in her voice, “This was an unexpected adventure, a new challenge that I fully embraced.”

As she appeared on stage donning a modest, elegant one-piece suit with a shawl cascading gently off her shoulders for the swimsuit segment of the contest, the spectators rose to their feet. Rodríguez, with her infectious energy, had stolen their hearts.

Defeating the other hopefuls and clinching the crown was 29-year-old Magali Benejam, an actress and model from Cordoba. Even Benejam’s triumph marks historical significance given that, not too long ago, the pageant enforced an age limit of 28. For the first time in 73 years, the pageant is open to all willing contestants over the age of 18, symbolizing a shift in the contest’s history that has been quite controversial.

Historically, the Miss Universe competition has celebrated young, unmarried women, placing a significant emphasis on their physical attributes. The dawn of the #MeToo era and the rise of social justice movements, however, have steered the pageant towards a broader, more inclusive approach. Today, the competition applauds the mind and spirit of a woman, extending its arms also to married, pregnant, lesbian, and transgender candidates and discarding all references to beauty from its charter.

Notwithstanding the predominant positivism, skepticism lingers with some questioning whether Rodríguez, with her statuesque figure and youthful radiance, sets an intimidating benchmark for older women. But with the shine of her winning face and her unyielding spirit, she has established that she is no less a victor, a symbol of beauty and grace at any age, in a world rapt with youthful allure.