Historic $68m Lotto Jackpot to Crown New Ontario Multi-Millionaire


On Wednesday, an individual of remarkable fortune is expected to walk away with a record-breaking, life-changing lottery win.

The forthcoming Lotto 6/49 draw hosted by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) holds an unprecedented jackpot of $68 million—the highest in the history of the game. Tony Bitonti, a representative for the crown agency, marked this occasion as a “momentous milestone”.

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Bitonti elucidated, “It’s a landmark event since the enhancement of LOTTO 6/49 in September 2022. Unsurprisingly, the draw’s anticipation has escalated as we await the drawing of the last ball – the Gold Ball. Its outcome will solidify a new multi-millionaire, as the jackpot is guaranteed to be claimed on Wednesday.”

The path to this record jackpot has seen 15 weeks and 30 draws, with bated breaths and growing hopefuls. Previously, a $64 million prize won in New Brunswick in April fetched the closest figure to this historic jackpot, followed closely by a Mississauga dweller’s $64 million win in 2015.

The past months have also witnessed a successful $42 million ticket in Niagara Falls, claimed on June 14. However, the most substantial narrative of missed fortune is the unclaimed $70 million Lotto Max ticket—the largest unclaimed ticket in the annals of Canadian history.

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