Hip-hop Icon Sean Combs Faces Startling Sexual Assault Lawsuit from Ex-Model


In the heart of New York City, an alarming accusation has echoed through the noise the city never sleeps. Sean “Diddy” Combs, the towering icon of the hip-hop world, has been served a startling lawsuit by a former model who alleges that he sexually assaulted her in his recording studio in 2003.

The woman, at the young age of 22, was enjoying noteworthy success in the modeling industry. She tells of an encounter with Combs during Men’s Fashion Week in Manhattan, where he extended an invitation to her to his recording studio later that night.

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In her testimony contained in the lawsuit, she describes a disconcerting scene upon arriving at Combs’ studio. The mogul was allegedly consuming alcohol and smoking marijuana with an array of other men. Prompted to join, she partook in smoking what she later realized to be marijuana laced with an intoxicating substance, sending her to an almost surreal state of ‘floating’.

The legal proceeding claims that Combs used this moment to lead her to the bathroom, where she alleges the ghastly act of sexual assault was committed. Upon their return to the studio, she lost consciousness. The lawsuit recounts her reawakening in a taxi, the horrifying realization of her assault flooding into consciousness.

Efforts to reach Combs’ representatives for comment have yet to yield a response.

The lawsuit comes hot on the heels of nationally broadcast security footage by CNN showing an aggressive episode involving Combs and singer Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel hallway in 2016. In a surprising turn of events, Combs took to the screen on Sunday to confess to the attack on Cassie, expressing deep regret for his “inexcusable” actions.

However, due to the statute of limitations, Combs is not currently at risk of criminal prosecution for this attack. A previously filed lawsuit by Cassie in November, raising allegations of persistent abuse, was bizarrely settled just one day after its filing. Fed by the flames of this settlement, Combs has since found himself under the relentless scrutiny of the public eye. The recent wave of lawsuits coupled with an ongoing federal sex-trafficking investigation has led authorities to raid Combs’ grand mansions in both Los Angeles and Miami.

To add another shocking twist, the most recent claim is utilizing a New York City law which permits the filing of civil litigation within specific windows of time, regardless of the long-ago alleged events.

In order to adhere to the Associated Press policy, the name of the former model, who bravely filed the lawsuit against Combs, is being withheld. This policy is strict in safeguarding the identities of those claiming to be victims of sexual abuse until they explicitly agree to having their identities made public.