Hip-Hop Artist Murdered in Indiana Casino, Songwriter Held as Suspect


A quaint town in Indiana is shuddering in somber disbelief following the brutal murder of Lil Don Williams, a popular performing artist, tragically extinguished in the prime of his life within the seemingly safe confines of the parking garage at Caesars Southern Indiana casino in March. The relentless grip of the law has since caught up with one participant in this cruel act, songwriter turned suspect, Antwaun Proctor, now being incarcerated in the bleak surroundings of Harrison County jail, stripped of his liberty and denied bail.

The sinister countdown to the fateful event commenced on March 17, in Elizabeth, Indiana’s casino grounds. Antwaun, a mere 20-years-old, and his unidentified accomplice tailgated the unsuspecting Williams, driving his Dodge Charger across the state line from Kentucky. Upon arriving at the casino, Williams, 32, excused himself from the confines of his vehicle to enjoy a night at the casino with his relatives and friends, blissfully unaware of the impending doom.

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This tragedy played out like a meticulously calibrated drama, as Proctor and his malevolent co-conspirator hovered in the shadows, skillfully evading detection for nearly three hours until Williams stumbled back into their unnerving presence. The duo, cloaked in the anonymity of masks and brandishing assault rifles, closed in on their quarry. Fearing for his life, Williams, the gallant performer who made a living igniting stages, desperately attempted to evade this ill-intentioned storm, but the assailants mercilessly rained shots, fatally wounding him.

The chilling image of a man racing from his would-be executioners haunted Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk, who described the scene with a sense of dread, resonating with the harsh reality of the final demise of a man in the last throes of his life.

Their monstrous deed complete, the perpetrators split. One made a swift exit in the victim’s Charger while the other fled in a Malibu, a grim link connecting Proctor to the incident; the car belonged to one of his relatives.

With relentless dedication, law enforcement officials meticulously brushed through pieces of evidence; scrutinizing casino surveillance footage, traffic camera snippets, and cell phone records, ultimately zeroing in on Antwaun Proctor as a prime suspect. Swiftly, the judicial machinery kicked into motion, and an arrest warrant was issued — a chain that drew close on April 24, resulting in Proctor facing his grim reality behind bars.

On the other hand, the second suspect remains elusive as the manhunt continues with the authorities tight-lipped about his identity.

Williams, whose rhythm lit up stages as a hip-hop artist, was also an industrious individual who held a full-time job at a Ford plant. The night of the heinous crime was a monumental high in his life, as he was among the featured performers at a concert in Louisville, unaware of the shadowy figures following him.

According to Harrison County Sheriff Nick Smith, Williams’s journey from that night’s gig to the casino was closely monitored by the suspects, tailing him for about 14 well-tracked miles. To Smith, the actions of the suspects suggested a cruel, predatory scheme to hunt down, target, and utterly devastate their victim.

Now, a wife mourns the untimely loss of her husband, and a youthful 6-year-old girl grapples with her new reality — a reality devoid of her father. Williams’s wife, Rannisha, in her hour of grief, spoke out, eulogizing her loved one as a good man, beloved father, and undeserving victim of such a cold-blooded act.