Highway 11 Partially Reopens after Dawn Crash Involving Semi-Tractor Trailers


In the wake of a traffic mishap, Highway 11, near North Bay, partway resumed its operations on Monday afternoon. The incident involved two semi-tractor trailers and it occurred before dawn, thereby causing the partial shutdown of the highway.

As specified by the Ontario Provincial Police, the site of the collision lies between Bomarc Road within North Bay’s limits and Sand Dam Road in Merrick Township. In a course of events characterized by chaos, one of the transport vehicles tipped over following the crash.

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As a result of the accident, one of the drivers incurred grave injuries and was promptly rushed to the hospital by the paramedics from the District of Nipissing. The scene was thus beset with activity as both firefighters and paramedics from North Bay were dispatched for on-site assistance.

Late in Monday’s afternoon, around 1:40 p.m., the hustle began to fade as one lane on the highway was declared safe for reopening by the OPP. Meanwhile, a detour was made available for the convenience of highway users. This detour could be accessed through Highway 17 leading to Highway 64 in Sturgeon Falls, positioned 39 km to the west of North Bay.

While the authorities have released no details regarding the instigator of the crash or the probability of charges, an estimated reopening schedule for the entire highway is still pending.

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