Highly Regarded Doctor Sues London Health Science Centre for Alleged Defamation, Ignites $6.25 Million Legal Battle


Renowned for his exceptional service in emergency and intensive care for more than three decades, Dr. Scott Anderson is now tangled in a legal battle against his employer, the London Health Science Centre (LHSC), in what has been dubbed an “unusual” case by the legal fraternity and one that could prove costly to Ontario’s taxpayers.

Anderson has lodged a hefty $6.25-million lawsuit against the LHSC, alleging the hospital of withholding crucial information about an investigation against him regarding potential patient murders.

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The situation came to light only after the seven-month-long inquiry had cleared his name, which, Dr. Anderson contends, runs counter to the hospital’s transparency protocol with medical staff.

These accusations, including the defamation charge laid against the hospital, are yet to be scrutinized in court.

“I was overwhelmed with a range of emotions. Sadness, disappointment, and a profound sense of betrayal,” Anderson revealed in a confidential conversation.

A newly-appointed hospital official informed Anderson in March about a previous year’s complaint lodged by a former nurse pertaining to his treatment of an older patient.

Detailed in Anderson’s claim submitted to the Ontario court, the grievance alleged that his “administration of end-of-life care amounted to murder on several occasions, among other things.”

Initially submitted to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), the complaint was redirected back to the hospital as the college can only address patient-generated grievances.

This particular elderly patient had passed away in 2014, two years in advance of the federal government’s legislation, allowing specific Canadians to seek medical assistance in dying.
Famed throughout the province for providing these services, Anderson is in fear that the accusation insinuates he had been aiding in medical deaths prior to legalization. “You never want to be a doctor offering medical aid in dying with unwarranted murder allegations. It can devastate your career,” Anderson lamented.

Despite having never accessed the complaint, assurances were given that the complaint was investigated and dismissed. Yet, the London Health Sciences Centre called for a secondary inquiry, unbeknownst to Anderson.

Hospital executives, to this day, have not provided any further information regarding the investigation, despite numerous requests from Anderson.

“We simply do not comprehend why he is being treated in this manner,” his counsel, Andrew Graham, stated. “He is a long-tenured and valuable asset to the hospital, and his reputation has always been sterling.”

In response to these allegations, officials with the London Health Sciences Centre issued a statement, writing, “As this matter is in court, LHSC has refrained from providing further comments.”

On the topic of his character defamation allegation, the hospital entirely repudiates Anderson’s claim and maintains that he “has suffered no damages.”

However, Dr. Anderson steadfastly upholds that he had the right to be informed of the investigation and actively participate in defending his work, given the stakes against his reputation.

The court’s decision will potentially have a significant bearing on his career. Anderson elected to publicize the case to alert fellow health workers about the accountability of hospital administrators in the event of misuse or overreach of authority.

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