High-Speed Hit-and-Run Fugitive Sought After Highway Crash in Nova Scotia


Authorities are actively seeking the driver behind a hit-and-run incident that happened along a highway in Nova Scotia. This high-speed crash resulted in a serious injury on early Saturday, marking the culmination of a frenzied chase, characterised by reckless driving and potential substance abuse.

The saga began when the Halifax District RCMP received a report concerning a blue Toyota Echo speeding with excessive velocity down Windmill Rd in Dartmouth. Particular emphasis was placed on the vehicle’s blatant disregard for a red light and its Nova Scotia license plate GYT158 at approximately 9:10 A.M.

A mere 10 minutes post this unsettling report, another notification promptly followed, indicating that the impetuous operator still persisted. Straying far from conventional traffic laws, the Echo was observed navigating the wrong direction on Highway 118, defiantly venturing outbound in the inbound lanes.

Shortly thereafter, at precisely 9:25 A.M., reports pointed to the inevitable outcome of such dilapidations— a ghastly head-on collision with an unfortunate jeep on Highway 102 near Miller Lake. Witnesses testified to seeing the blue Toyota Echo recklessly driving the wrong way before culminating into this catastrophic event. Emerging from the wreckage, the driver of the blue car boldly took to the woods, disappearing from the scene.

Given the harrowing accounts, law enforcement indicated a strong possibility that substance abuse potentially fuelled the driver’s despicable actions. Respecting the victims involved, aged 38 and 33, both women hail from Truro and sustained minor, albeit impactful, injuries. A more grisly fate awaited the 60-year old woman from Bible Hill, N.S., reportedly in the car, experiencing serious injuries.

Halifax District RCMP diligently worked on the case, closing a portion of Highway 102 inbound to properly examine the collision scene. Upholding the highest standards of evidence interpretation, their team of collision analyst and reconstructionist worked to piece together the puzzle of this tragic incident.

However, the nexus of this investigation, the identification of the driver of the disruptive Toyota Echo, remains at large. Authorities seek the assistance of the public, imploring for any data, photographs, or footage to aid in their pursuit. The contact point for this information is the Halifax District RCMP, endorsing Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers as another encouraging platform.

The investigation persists, unfolding with the promise of justice around the corner, and hopefully offering a measure of solace to all involved.


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