High-Profile Losses, Fraud Allegations Rock Resorts World Vegas


In an intriguing tale of high-stakes gambling and questionable financial intrigue, Resorts World Las Vegas has become the focus of a narrative involving three players of note, who collectively lost nearly $24 million at the ambitious gambling establishment over a few short years.

The first of these unfortunate characters, Damien LeForbes, has used the Resorts World facilities close to fifty times, contributing a whopping $12.3 million to the resort’s coffers in the process. His outrageous spending did not stop at gambling, as he also bafflingly presented a dishonored check to the amount of $2.5 million to the same establishment.

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Meanwhile, reality television show star Ryan Boyajian, known for his appearances on the popular show “Real Housewives of Orange County,” was also noted for his remarkable losses at Resorts World, having been relieved of around $3.7 million during his 21 casino outings.

The third, no less financially distressed gambler, Matt Bowyer – a California-based bookmaker with an alarming taste for high-risk ventures, frequented the casino 32 times, during which time he parted with $7.9 million from 2022 to 2023.

Yet, despite their careless financial exploits, none of these three high-rollers – Bowyer, Boyajian, or LeForbes – have so far been charged with any crime. Alongside their conspicuous gambling antics, Bowyer has reportedly been linked to an intriguing money-laundering scheme involving ex-employee and former translator for Los Angeles Dodgers star player Shohei Ohtani, Ippei Mizuhara.

It has been suggested that Mizuhara, who is now facing extensive fraud allegations, stole a staggering $17 million from Ohtani’s personal bank account, intending to offset his own crippling gambling debts of around $40.7 million. He later funneled some of the stolen funds to Bowyer, who in turn passed it on to Boyajian. The defrauded cash ultimately ended up being deposited at Resorts World, turned into gambling chips, and changing hands once more after being cashed in.

For Mizuhara, the fallout has been devastating. He has since been dismissed from his position within the Dodgers and faces a potential 33-year prison term if convicted. The alleged crimes include a single count of bank fraud and submitting a fraudulent tax return. Contrary to the spending habits of his co-involved associates, Mizuhara never actually set foot in Resorts World, according to internal casino communications. The scandal-plagued Ohtani, meanwhile, has remained blameless, regarded primarily as a victim in this convoluted saga.

Despite the damning allegations, Resorts World has not been charged with any violations. In response to enquiries made by the media about the ongoing investigation, representatives from the casino declined to comment, only ensuring that they are fully cooperating with investigators.

The already fraught narrative takes another twist as it’s revealed that an array of casinos in Las Vegas, including Resorts World, are currently under investigation for possible involvement in money laundering and other potential unlawful activities. Both the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) and federal investigators are reportedly stepping up their probe into these activities.

Former Resorts World Las Vegas president, Scott Sibella, has notably been named in a complaint lodged by the NGCB, stemming from alleged misconduct during his tenure as president at MGM Grand. It’s been suggested that Sibella permitted unlawful bookies to gamble at MGM Grand without scrutinizing their sources of income. Sibella, who was summarily dismissed from Resorts World for violation of company policies, has admitted to infringing the Bank Secrecy Act and is now liable for a significant fine, as well as a year’s probation.