Heroic Rescuers Free Trapped Horses from Harrowing Mud Ordeal in Lebanon


In the lush, rural expanse of Lebanon, Connecticut, a chilling drama unfolded last Saturday, when a pair of horses found themselves ensnared in the chilling clasp of thick mud. Over a dozen heroic rescuers pulled the beleaguered beasts free after they had spent hours languishing in their muddy prison, bringing about an end to an ordeal that left the animals weary and covered in muck, but ultimately unharmed.

The story began when a small band of equine comrades, leisurely transitioning from their verdant pasture to the rustic sanctuary of a barn, inadvertently detoured through an unsuspected boggy patch within the ivy-laden stretch of a woodland. Caught off-guard by the deceptive swamp, the fearsome grip of the muddy sinkhole sequestered two of the horses. The unnerving account of their plight was shared on social media by the caring custodians of Stirrup Fun Stables Rescue, Inc.

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In a vivid analogy, Lebanon Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Jay Schall, compared their predicament to those who find themselves sinking deeper despite desperate attempts at liberation. “The more you try to get yourself out — and you can’t — you kind of get yourself deeper in,” he shared, casting a somber light upon the dire straits the immobile horses had unwittingly stumbled upon.

The alarmingly submerged state of the horses, discovered partially on their sides with legs enveloped by relentless mud, summoned a speedy response from local firefighters on that gray Saturday afternoon. A legion of resolute rescuers rallied together, crafting a much-needed clearing and placing sleds under the hapless animals, devising a means for their eventual extraction. Their arduous effort bore fruit by the evening, when the erstwhile trapped horses found themselves liberated from their muddy predicament.

Following their muddy ordeal, the warmth of their rescuers, both metaphorically and physically, gave them the strength to regain their footing and wholeheartedly partake of a comforting snack of fresh hay. “Both horses had been warmed up enough to stand, and we are happy to report both got up without issue and were happily eating some fresh hay,” told the fire department, leaving an air of relief and satisfaction hanging over the conclusion of an unnerving ordeal that began deep in the underbelly of Lebanon’s swampy woods.