Heritage Foundation Head Alleges Imminent ‘Second American Revolution’


Kevin Roberts, president of the conservative powerhouse, the Heritage Foundation, has asserted that America is on the threshold of a “second American Revolution” – one he insists will be nonviolent only “if the left allows it to be.” This startling declaration took place on Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room’ podcast where Roberts emphasized Republican plans of “taking this country back.”

Roberts’ candid discussion accentuates the political climate as Democrats seem to reel from a perceived onslaught from conservative factions. Speaking to former U.S. Rep. Dave Brat, who filled in for Bannon during his four-month incarceration, Roberts asserted that his progressive counterparts are alarmed by their opponents’ momentum. The Heritage Foundation chief then offered a reassurance that the nation finds itself at the precipice of another American Revolution, promising a peaceful restructuring if the opposition complies.

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The significance of Roberts’ stance holds weight for one primary reason: The Heritage Foundation currently helms Project 2025, a comprehensive plan for a potential reentry of the GOP into the Oval Office. With strategies ranging from the dismantling of federal government elements to the replacement of thousands of civil servants with Trump adherents, the project charts a decidedly right-leaning course for future governance.

Yet Roberts’ revolutionary rhetoric and subtle allusion to potential violence shook Democratic circles, where some felt the implications were forbidding. Former Democratic presidential aspirant Marianne Williamson took to the digital platform, expressing her horror that the proposed second American Revolution seemed intent on negating the accomplishments of the first.

James Singer, the communication conduit for President Joe Biden’s campaign for reelection, introspectively pointed to the nation’s independence day celebration, expressing his apprehension for the intent of Trump loyalists. Singer portrayed Trump and his adherents as adversaries of the underlying concept of America, wishing for a “violent revolution”.

Roberts, tipped by Bannon in the New York Times as a prospective chief of staff for an anticipated Trumpian comeback, cited the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent immunity ruling – a validation of presidential protection against prosecution – as a potent motivator for Republicans.

Roberts’ Wednesday email missive echoed his podcast prediction that Americans are primed for the Second American Revolution. The message outlined the necessity to wrest control from entrenched capitalist potentates and authoritarian public servants. Roberts went further to propose that the challenge lay with the Left allowing a tranquil exchange of power, referencing historical episodes of violence associated with leftist protests.

These sentiments drew the attention of Heidi Beirich, co-founder of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism. She elucidated that Roberts’ talk of a “second American Revolution” was particularly disconcerting, but also insightful. The mammoth 1,000-page roadmap that is Project 2025, she contends, aims to reorder American society fundamentally, including undermining protections for the LGBTQ community and integrating Christianity more strongly into the American societal fabric. According to Beirich, Robert’s radical declarations might paint the Heritage Foundation’s endgame in unusually clear terms.