Here is what to do and not to do in Each Phase of the Saskatchewan Reopening Roadmap


Saskatchewan reveals its reopening road map that could kick by the end of May, but will largely depend on the success of the COVID-10 vaccine rollout. The goal is to have most of the COVID-19 restrictions to an end by mid-July.

The reopening includes a three phases’ plan that is approximated to be three weeks apart. The first phase is scheduled to start by the end of May. Here is a breakdown of the expected vaccination goals in each phase.

Phase 1

This phase starts in the last week of May when 70 percent of residents aged 40 and above have received their first dose. Saskatchewan has already opened vaccine rollout to all adults aged 18 and above.

During this phase, dining services in restaurants and bars are offered, but only six people can sit at a table. Dance floors and buffets will remain banned. Other things allowed include playing VLTS, group fitness class but must be separated, indoors and outdoors gatherings with a maximum of ten people.

Places of worship will also reopen, only 30 percent of seating capacity can participate in services, their seats must be separated by two meters. People can attend weeding and funeral receptions at indoor spaces, but no drinks or food allowed.

Residents in long-term personal and care homes can have two visitors, but only one person at a time. Saskatchewan’s reopen plan will offer a guideline of how to participate in seasonal and recreational outdoor sports. Casinos, bingo halls will remain closed, still, people can safely gamble in online gambling sites.

Phase 2

It will start at the third week in June, will be triggered when 70 percent of the residents aged 30 and above have received their first shot. In this phase, retail and personal care services will fully reopen with no capacity limit. However, clients must remain physically distanced.

The limit on bars and restaurant tables will be removed, but the dance floor remains banned. Bingo halls and casinos will reopen but must not exceed 150 people. A maximum of 150 people is allowed in funeral and wedding receptions. Cinemas, galleries, libraries, and live theatres can welcome up to 150 people.

Phase 3

Saskatchewan phase three starts in the second week of July. It will be triggered when 70 percent of the residents aged 18 and above have received their first dose. Most COVID-19 restrictions shall be lifted and new guidelines shall be developed to guide indoor gathering.


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